Judge says candidate stalked ex-girlfriend

A judge in Washington, D.C., has issued a domestic violence civil protection order against a Republican candidate seeking to represent Evanston in Congress.

Judge Jennifer M. Anderson ruled after a hearing last month that David Earl Williams III stalked his former girlfriend, a DC-area activist on libertarian and conservative causes.

The judge ordered Williams to have no contact with the woman and further ordered him to take a court-supervised anger-management class, undergo a mental health assessment and submit to treatment if the assessment deemed it necessary.

She also ordered him to not contact the ex-girlfriend by email, text messaging or social media.

Among the allegations the 28-year-old woman made against Williams were that he had tried to have her fired from her job and kicked out of her school by impersonating her and spoofing her email address.

Williams says there’s no truth to those claims and that he’s appealing the judge’s decision.

The woman’s attorney, Kristin Eliason of the Network for Victim Recovery of DC, says it can take six to 18 months to get a final decision in such a case from an appeals court there.

Williams, 30, said in a telephone interview with Evanston Now that he met the woman at the Conservative Political Action Conference held in a Washington suburb last March.

He says she volunteered on his campaign when he was starting it up and that they’d had a “mainly long-distance relationship” before breaking up in October.

“I can’t control what other people do and how they feel,” Williams said.

He also claimed that Judge Anderson is a friend of his ex-girlfriend.

Williams, of 1055 W. Granville in Chicago, recently survived a challenge to his nominating petition signatures and will face Susanne Atanus of Niles in the March 18 primary.

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