Kelly concedes, Gabel maintains lead

Eamon Kelly this evening phoned Robyn Gabel and congratulated her on her apparent victory in the 18th District state house race. But with a few precincts yet to be counted, Patrick Keenan-Devlin was still holding out hope of pulling off an upset.

Gabel spoke to her supporters at Lupita’s Restaurant about 10 p.m., not quite declaring victory, but setting out her strategy for the general election campaign.

Update: As of early Wednesday morning, with just one of 91 precincts left to be counted, the vote percentages were Gabel 27.54 percent, Keenan-Devlin 25.34 percent, Kelly 24.67 percent, Jeff Smith 11.89 percent and Edmund Moran 10.55 percent. 

Those vote totals from Chicago and Cook County election officials do not include absentee ballots.

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