Cartoon: The economics of ice

The pink pig Ponzi's been thinking about the economics of ice, the ice at the planned new Robert Crown Center.
Three would-be developers showed up at this week's City Council meeting to show their interest in the idea, and city officials have said the chosen developer will pick up the tab for the project and make a profit from it.
How's that gonna work, Ponzi wonders?

Cartoon: Feeling better about chromium

So Evanston's mayor learned on a trip to Washington last week that the Environmental Protection Agency is not planning to change the rules about chromium in public water supplies anytime soon, despite proposals in California to dramatically reduce allowable levels of the probable carcinogen.
Cartoonist Junad Rizki imagines the scene as Mayor Tisdahl relays the news to City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz.

Cartoon: Wally gives, Pat takes

Evanston city workers -- who got no pay hike in 2010 -- are looking forward to pay raises averaging out to about 2 percent for this calendar year based on contracts hammered out last year with City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz.
But they could see those increases snatched away this week as lawmakers in Springfield debate a 2.25 percent hike in the state income tax advocated by Governor Pat Quinn.

Cartoon: Happy birthday Elvis

Today would have been Elvis Presley's 76th birthday.
And after running into local Elvis impersonator Michael Dempsey recently in Wilmette, well "Only Fools Rush In," but Ponzi just couldn't resist doing a cartoon about the king of Rock 'n' Roll.
OK, readers, now ... "Don't Be Cruel."

Cartoon: Meet the neighbors

Not getting out much these cold January days?
Well the city has a nice warm place where you can meet the neighbors -- standing in line at the city revenue office to pay for the city sticker for your car.
Ah, but cameras that can read license plate numbers may eliminate the need for stickers before next year.
As usual, Ponzi has his doubts.