Cartoon: What's a little chromium among friends?

California has opened a debate about how much chromium we should be allowed to drink in our water.
And wouldn't you know it, it looks like there's a trace of the stuff -- considered a "probable carcinogen" -- in the water Evanston takes from Lake Michigan.
The inquiring mind of Ponzi Junior wants to know more.

Cartoon: Energy dreams at the holidays

What? No hybrid vehicles in the city's Christmas stocking this year?
The alderman was distressed.
But while the city looked for ways to save the planet with expensive vehicles that use more environmental-friendly fuels, Ponzi and his friends noticed energy dollars flying right out of the Civic Center.

Cartoon: Brilliant piglet

Ponzi the Pig is wondering about the educational future of his brilliant piglet offspring, Einstein.

So he goes to talk to Evanston Township High School Superintendent Eric Witherspoon about plans to eliminate honors-only sections of the freshman humanities class this fall.

Just in time, too. The school board is scheduled to vote on the issue tonight.


Cartoon: It's a head scratcher

Ponzi the pig has been hearing a lot lately from City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz about "in-sourcing" city services -- picking up work for Evanston city workers from other municipalities in return for added revenue for the city. Ponzi's trying to figure out whether that makes sense, and he imagines a conversation with Wally ... 

Cartoon: No pork for you!

Evanston officials -- fresh off their big score of $18 million in federal housing funds in January -- had high hopes of more largesse from the state and feds when they hired Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator Matt Swentkofske in May.
But when Swentkofske made his six-month report to the City Council this week ...