‘Killer bee’ spotted in Evanston


Residents of the soon-to-open 1571 Maple apartment building will have something to look at — or maybe give them nightmares — thanks to a new art project.

Artist Shawn Bullen is busy this week painting a huge image of a bee on the wall of the Metra viaduct on Elmwood Avenue across from the building.

He’s making fast work of it too.

This is what the site looked like last Friday afternoon.

The work is part of the Evanston Mural Arts Program which is working on three other mural projects in town this year.

And the bee is just the beginning. Plans for the mural indicate it will also feature CTA and Metra rail cars, the Chicago skyline, a boat and a giant bird before it’s finished.

Condor Partners, the developer of the 1571 Maple building, is paying for the mural project.

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