King Lab kids to dance in fundraiser

The 540 students at King Lab School will be up and dancing on Wednesday morning, Oct. 6, in a "Step Up for King Lab" fundraiser for the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

“By doing a one-hour dance and asking family and friends to support it through their donations, we’re moving away from selling ‘things’ and encouraging action,” says PTA committee chair Shawna Myers. “It’s green, it’s creative and we think it will be a lot of fun.”

The PTA fall fundraiser underwrites many of the magnet school’s major projects for the year: The King Day assemblies that use the arts to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., drama classes for younger elementary students, professional dance residencies and performances, storyteller and author visits, concerts, plays, art supplies and the middle school musical.

It also pays for often-overlooked expenses, like snacks for students taking the ISATs and scholarships for kids who might not otherwise go on field trips.

Hip hop instructors from Urban Beat Dance in Skokie will help get the party started. When all the dancing is done and kids need to cool off, they’ll drink water donated by King Lab parents Dan and Lisa Stein.

Raffle prizes have been donated by Urban Beat Dance, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Lulu’s, and many more. The top fundraisers will be made principal and assistant principal for a day, and have lunch with King Lab’s principal, Dr. Jeff Brown.

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