Former 5th Ward aldermanic candidate Daniel Featherson has endorsed Robin Rue in the April 4 runoff election.

Dear 5th Ward Residents,

I have been a football coach and a mentor for our youth for years. I know first hand how important it is for our community to thrive. I know how important it is for our children to have a safe and wonderful place to live. This is why I am proud to endorse Robin Rue Simmons for Alderman of the 5th Ward.

When I ran for Alderman, I did it because I care about my students being able to live the life they deserve. To live without fear of violence, fear of going home hungry, and fear of not having a roof over there heads. Of all the candidates left in this race, only Robin has a plan to deliver affordable housing, to work with the community and police on violence, and to make sure families make enough money to eat.

Recently, I have seen a round of negative attacks on Robin by her opponents. They even asked me to be part of these efforts. They are attacking her on her efforts to bring about jobs and equitable businesses to the 5th ward that are led by Black and Brown women. These attacks have been lies based not in helping the community but tearing it down. I refuse to lend myself to these efforts because I believe that what the 5th ward needs is a champion who puts people and planet first. And I know the only candidate who will be that champion is Robin Rue Simmons.

So, I ask you to join me (and Mayor Tisdahl and Alderman Dolores Holmes) in supporting Robin for Alderman of the 5th Ward. If we stand together, we work together, we fight together, then I know we can win together.

Thank You,

Danny Featherson
Former Candidate for 5th Ward Alderman
Youth Football Coach and Mentor

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  1. A United 5 Ward

    I am grateful that Danny has decided to support me. He was very professional, respectful and focused on the issues and his qualifications throughout the election. His endorsements means a lot to me because he is a residents that takes action when there is a need. He has not waited for saviors or spent anytime complaining, but working. Working for our youth and for our families. I know he supports families well beyond the football field and the halls of ETHS and he does it quietly, consistently and for all the right reasons. I look forward to working with Danny to reach our goals for the most livable and vibrant 5th Ward ever. I also believe now is an important time to have more community invested African American men representing us on committees and I hope to see him serving in that capacity very soon. I hope our collaboration inspires our peers and neighbors to become more engaged and contribute more in community discussions. We are alike in that we believe in our community and we are committed. Robin

  2. Response to Mr. Featherson

    Hi Danny,

    I’m not sure what communications you’ve had with other opponents, but my only private outreach to you was concerning support you would offer to the LGBTQ community as an alderman. The same is true of my conversations with our fellow candidate Mr. Sutton. And prior to implications of involvement of my campaign team with that of Ms. Murray’s, I’d never had a private conversation with her.

    In response to your allegation of Ms. Rue Simmons’ opponents propagating lies against her, I can only speak from my own experience.

    While I didn’t have conflict with any other candidates, when I became aware of an issue rising with Ms. Rue Simmons, I made significant efforts over a period of weeks to resolve them privately and through the appropriate channels: first with Ms. Rue Simmons directly, then with her campaign and finally with our alderman. After learning of our alderman’s involvement with Ms. Rue Simmons campaign team, I tried to resolve the then-mounting issues in partnership with the city.

    It was after those private attempts were unsuccessful that I became critical publicly of the some of actions by city officials, media and candidates, all of which are supported with documentation. Your accusations that any of these criticisms, at least in regards to my own communications, have been lies, efforts to tear down the community, or have involved you are not true in any way. I have never made efforts to “attack” or disparage anyone’s character, but I have worked to correct misinformation, broaden transparency, and call for accountability–particularly from our elected representatives and those aiming to be. I intend to continue in those efforts, as I hope will our incoming council members.


    Misty Witenberg

  3. 5th Ward

    It is clear that the 5th Ward race has become a crazy race. We have opponents conspiring against the front runner. Carolyn even lied about how many votes they got against Robin. But it is clear that Danny knows what it means for the ward to have an elected official who is from here, close to her neighborhood, and who prepared to be Alderman.

    Robin sounds like a brave woman for having to put up with these negative attacks. They show that she is clearly ready to take on those who would try to bamboozle the residents of the ward. I hope her opponents express a vision for residents and not on attacking her. I doubt they can. Danny, thanks for thinking of your students when making this endorsement. Whoever is Alderman will be in charge of their futures. We need leaders in politics. It seems Robin is that. 

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