Library says: Read to kids from birth


The Evanston Public Library next month will use a new program — "Winter Words: Read and Talk with Your Young Child." — to promote reading to children from birth through age 3.. 

Early exposure to words, language and reading is now understood to be a key predictor of success in school and beyond. Last year the American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents 62,000 pediatricians, adopted a policy to promote reading to children from birth, and studies show that children who are talked to frequently from birth are significantly better prepared for school success.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to come to any library location to participate in the program with young children in their care. "Winter Words" includes a reading log, prize books, staff recommendations of books to read and a fun craft. The Library will also pilot the program at a small number of home daycare facilities in the community and reach out to families with very young children throughout the community. 

"We can all give our youngest children a big advantage through the simple of act of reading. This program provides motivation and tools to support all parents and caregivers in reading and developing vocabulary in their babies whose minds are hungry to learn, right from the start," said Karen Danczak Lyons, the library's director.

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