Here’s a recap of our live coverage of Monday night’s meeting of the Evanston City Council.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

A packet with information on the agenda items is available online.

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Alds. Kelly, Suffredin and Fleming absent. Others all present.

Mayor Daniel Biss announces that both Kelly’s mother and Fleming’s mother died within the past week.

Interim City Manager Kelley Gandurski introduces Toby Sachs to discuss two grants from the National Endowments for the Arts $150K (a one-time ARPA grant) and $30K (a renewable annual grant).

Public Comment

Three minutes each tonight.

Friends and relatives of Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste praise him on the occasion of tonight’s vote to designate the block where he lives with honorary street signs in his honor.

A8 – Honorary street name designation for Lionel Jean-Baptiste

Approved unanimously 6-0.

Council gives Jean-Baptiste a standing ovation.

Consent agenda

Off consent … A8 (already approved), P2.

Consent agenda approved.

P2 – 1900 Sherman planned development major adjustment

Ald. Jonathan Nieuwsma (4th) asks question posed by Ald. Kelly, who’s not present regarding whether property will pay real estate taxes.

Richard J. Monocchio, HACC executive director, says city will receive real estate tax payments from the property. Affordable units will be tax exempt. Other units will have taxes paid. Will take advantage of recently passed legislation in Springfield that gives developers of properties with more than 20% affordable units some tax abatement.

Ald. Devon Reid (8th), also posing question suggested by Kelly, asks about parking spaces.

Developer’s consultant says the Link and E2 buildings have a demand of about one half space per unit.

Reid says wants more spaces on site, because its a building for people who are seniors and disabled.

Monocchio says the the property now has a surface parking lot — will replace it with a beautiful, architecturally attractive building — that will have 51 affordable units.

For the 37 subsidized units typical tenants will pay $300 a month. The other 14 missing middle units will pay about half the market rent. Says also doing the project without any government development subsidies. The market rate tenants are in essence paying for the construction of the affordable units.

Reid says he supports the project — but wants more onsite parking or what public benefits can be offered.

(Ald. Suffredin arrives.)

Approved 7-0.

Call of the wards

Nieuwsma … Praises Interim Police Chief Aretha Barnes and says police he’s gotten to know are the people we want in the job. Virtual ward meeting Tuesday, Jan. 4.

Burns … Also praises Chief Barnes

Revelle … praises Barnes for her service. Ward meeting 7 p.m. Thursday about rebuilding the stadium.

Reid … Echoes praise for Barnes. “Golden apple within police department.” Ward meeting Saturday at 1 p.m. (virtually). Says has been definite spike in property crimes, related to poverty, doesn’t want a greater militarized police presence.

Braithwaite … Condolences to Kelly and Fleming. Concerned about the number of staff lost in a short period of time. Says should take a look and understand the “whys.” Have lost a lot of institutional memory.

Wynne … Thanks to Braithwaite for raising the issue (of staff departures). It’s a difficult time for many people in the workforce. Condolences to Kelly and Fleming. Bittersweet goodbye to Chief Barnes.

Council moves to go into executive session regarding personnel.

Public meeting ends at 8:55 p.m.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.