Evanston mayoral candidates will meet Tuesday for what’s being billed as the city’s first live televised mayoral debate.

The event will air at 6 p.m. on cable channel 16 from the studios of the Evanston Community Media Center at 1284 Hartrey Ave. It’s sponsored by the Evanston Chamber of Commerce.

Highlights from the program will be available on Evanston Now and ECMC plans to make the full program available online as well.

The program will be moderated by former Chicago Tribune writer and editorial board member John McCarron, now an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Local journalists Mary Gavin of the Evanston Roundtable, Bob Seidenberg of the Evanston Review and Bill Smith of Evanston Now will question the candidates, and the candidates will also have an opportunity to pose questions to each other.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Assessor Eckersall – Law Suit DISMISSED
    The Circuit Court of Cook County earlier this week dismissed the lawsuit filed by Assessor Eckersall’s former Deputy Assessor.

    I hope that the taxpayers can now see that there was no basis for this lawsuit and I can get on with the election without more “mudslinging”.

  2. Is the Chamber Mayoral debate going to be fair?
    One of the local journalists, Mary Gavin is on a Liz Tishahl supporter list, how will she be asking questions that are fair to all those in the debate?

    I know Bob Seidenberg to be a fair journalist, he does not live in Evanston, and I also know Bill you have not supported anyone on any public list.

    Even reading the “Roundtable” you can sense the one side coverage on some of the issues related to this election.

    1. Clerical error
      The inclusion of Mary Gavin’s name on that supporter list was a good-faith error on the part of the Tisdahl campaign. Neither Mary nor her husband Larry are supporting any candidate in this mayoral election.

      Pleaes click here to see a correct, complete, and current list of Liz Tisdahl’s supporters.

      1. Good Faith Clerical Error?
        Wow, to use a phrase from the dawn of AOL Instant Messenger:


        How the heck do you mistakenly include someone’s name? Oops! I accidentally typed 20 characters into a word document!

        1. Here’s how
          A political campaign is basically a giant collection of lists. Lists of supporters, lists of people to call for support, lists of people who are supporting other candidates, lists of volunteers, lists of people who want yard signs, and, in this case, lists of journalists. Every campaign I’ve ever seen has had at least one mix-up regarding who appears on which list. In this case, Ms. Gavin’s name mistakenly got added to the wrong list by a volunteer.

          I guess I don’t understand what’s being alleged here. If this was done on purpose, who does it benefit? It obviously doesn’t benefit Ms. Tisdahl; no campaign ever likes to issue a retraction of anything. And it doesn’t benefit Ms. Gavin or the Roundtable, since (through no fault of their own) they now have to deal with allegations that they aren’t impartial.

          1. simple solution – don’t participate in forum
            Daniel – simple solution Ms.Gavin does not have to participate in the forum.

            The same simple solution applies to all those running in this election who took PAC -political action funds from the fire fighters and claim they were not influenced, don’t take the funds! Liz did not need to take funds, so why did she bother?

            These are not hard concepts.

          2. Reminds me of another clerical error:
            I am sorry, but Ms. Tisdahl’s willingness to embrace engagement in “machine politics” with a giggle and a poached egg leaves me with one choice: a vote of no confidence. There seems to always be many paragraphs of explanations for money trails, rescinded stances and questionable friends in high places.

            This all reminds me too much of a college journalist who brought down the president of his school– the president claimed it was a “clerical error”.

            Anderson Independent Mail: News – [Cached Version]
            Published on: 12/31/2003

            Toccoa Falls College President Donald O. Young resigned in May after a college journalism student revealed an inaccuracy on the resume Mr. Young submitted when he applied for the job in 2000.

            The resume incorrectly said Mr. Young earned a master’s degree from a California seminary he had attended. As news of the inaccuracy spread around campus, Mr. Young told students a former secretary accidentally had included the degree when preparing the resume.

            Mr. Young apparently had the support of the college’s 27-member Board of Trustees but a vote of no confidence from the college’s faculty apparently led to his resignation after the college’s May 10 commencement exercises.

      2. The list…
        Well, I took up your offer of reading the list of supporters for Tisdahl. I am glad I did. That sure looks like a “who’s who of nothing new”. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. Can’t afford same-old, same-old…vote for change with Dinges
    Alderman Tisdahl is one of those who got us into the mess that we have in Evanston:

    — a $145 million police and fire pension deficit;

    — “affordable housing” that sits empty and costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies;

    — unacceptable levels of crime and resulting low quality of life in south Evanston with no sign from the City Council that they, as a group, want to address this obvious problem to improve life in south Evanston;

    — lackluster schools. Yes, I know that District 65 and District 202 operate the schools. But the City can and should play a role in pressuring the districts to improve our schools. Wasn’t Alderman Tisdahl on the District 202 Board? The news on ETHS has not been good so I can’t say that I’m impressed with her service there.

    One of Alderman Tisdahl’s pressing issues is that she wants to have Evanston residents pay for family planning services. What? How out of touch can you be? This City has catastrophic problems. But as a mayoral candidate, you propose to add services (already provided elsewhere) and spend more city money? Have I missed something in the news that explains that Evanstonians are crying out for these services?

    Alderman Tisdahl has already pledged no staff cuts at City Hall. How can a credible candidate make that pledge when so many private employers are cutting staff? It seems to be an attempt to say what you think that people (the staff) want to hear.

    Much as the country did last fall, we in Evanston need to vote for change in April.

    We need a business person as mayor in this town. We need someone with common sense as mayor. We need someone who values our public funds and will not encourage the City Council to throw money at every problem, perceived or actual. We need someone who will encourage economic development in this city as the property taxes are beginning to crush the middle class.

    Based on my review of the mayoral candidates, the one who has the best chance of prevailing over Alderman Tisdahl is Barnaby Dinges. He has my vote.

    1. Dinges
      Anonymous says:
      “Based on my review of the mayoral candidates, the one who has the best chance of prevailing over Alderman Tisdahl is Barnaby Dinges. He has my vote.”

      I agree that stopping Baroness von Tisdahl is important, but what evidence is there that Barnaby is more able to do this than Stuart Opdycke?

      There is also the disturbing issue of Barnaby’s alliance with Mimi in the 9th ward. These two have appeared made joint campaign appearances. Does Barnaby support Mimi’s candidacy, and Mimi’s agenda? Does he want to fight with NU, and waste money on elm trees and the stupid Dawes House? How about the stupid ‘Fair Share’ program, and Mimi’s notorious tuition tax? What about rejecting state money for traffic lights, because the lights aren’t unique and charming enough for Evanston?

      If Barnaby cares about the City, he should drop out and endorse Stuart Opdycke and denounce Mimi’s agenda, so we can all unite to stop the Tisdahl machine.

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