Democrats running this fall to represent Evanston in Washington and Springfield have at least a nine-to-one fundraising advantage over their Republican opponents.

The closest race for financial support is between Laura Fine and Kyle Frank for the 17th District State House seat where Fine, the Northfield Township clerk, had raised more than $118,000 as of the Monday reporting deadline to less than $13,000 raised by Frank, an attorney.

The proportionately widest disparity is between Robyn Gabel and Eric Lieberman for the 18th District State House seat. Gabel, the incumbent, has reported raising over $198,000, while Lieberman,an attorney and former business executive, has filed no campaign finance disclosure reports, which indicates he has yet to raise as much as $3,000.

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Map of state legislative district boundaries. Click a location on the map to show an area’s House district number. The 17th and 18th State House districts make up the 9th State Senate District.

State Rep. Daniel Biss, who’s seeking to move up to the State Senate, has a 40-to-1 fundraising advantage over his Republican opponent, financial advisor Glenn Farkas. Biss has raised over $512,000 to less than $13,000 for Farkas in the 9th District Senate race.

Long-time U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky has raised $1.25 million for her campaign against accountant Tim Wolfe, who had raised less than $21,000 as of June 30. His third-quarter disclosure report wasn’t yet available online this morning.

The far south edge of Evanston is now part of the 7th State Senate District and the 14th State House District. There two Democrats, State Sen. Heather Steans and State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, are running unopposed  for re-election in November.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. What a disgrace

    What a disgrace that we have no meaningful election.  The state Dem candidates will function as nothing more than Madigan/Cullerton lackeys.  Schakowsky is the kind of extremist that made the word "liberal" dirty.

    1. You almost got it right

      Schakowsky labels herself a progressive which is even dirtier. One more step down for her and she'll be a socialist, like Obama.

  2. Funding or pay to play?

    Why do these democratic candidates need such large amounts of funds to run against Replublics with very minimum funds? This money is going some where, and not for them to run for office.

    It appears to me those who gve them funds,  have a  potential to recieve favors and pork,  While not against the law, it shows that these individuals are not doing whats in the public interest versus the needs of their friends who give them this money.

    This generation of the funds is part of the problem, it continues to create the misuse of public tax dollars we know all so well in Evanston, and the state illinois.

    It allows Evanston council members to tell the public TIF funds aren't really tax dollars, but for their piggy bank, to waste on Wine and Cheese Bars, rather than return the funds for our public schools.  It allows them to give money to developers and forget about the 100 year old pipes under the street in the TIF district, they pave over.

    Term limits for all of these people would be a good idea.

    1. A waste of money

      It is not necessary for them to raise/spend all that money.  Evanston and apparently many illinois voters will vote for 'a ham sandwich' if it has the Democratic label on it.  That is more important than the ecconomy or jobs to them.  Unfortunately the rest of us pay the higher taxes and for all the waste they create to again get votes which again will go to them even if they are AWOL.

    2. Enough already

      Ponzi,  truly you may be the most passionate person in Evanston. But enough. You seem to find something nefarious in every situation.

      I will not defend or condone one candidate receiving more funds than another, and I am sure that in DuPage county the Republicans far out raise the Dems, but linking this issue to a TIF or the wine bar is assinine. Show me where the wine bar owners or TIF recipients were contributors and create a causal link to their benefit. That would be novel

       Until then vote against everyone you do not like; raise funds for your favorite candidate (or yourself for your another run to be Mayor,)

      There is the old tale of the "Boy who cried wolf"  reread it.   You minimize your arguments by arguing them on every issue.

  3. Biss supports higher new taxes

    The very real question for every voter is: are you prepared to pay for significantly higher property taxes and higher Illinois state Income taxes in the near future? Democratic Candidate Dan Biss is on the record to support a new Progressive Illinois Income Tax ( on top of the recent increase from 3% to 5%). Fact.

    Biss is also on the record to support shifting the future normal cost of pension liability to financially strapped local school districts which have already lost close to $1B to state funding over the last several years. Fact. Under his cost-shifting proposal, the logical  conclusion is that the strapped school districts will have to pass on these costs to already strapped property taxpayers. Biss justifies his position as he belives the constituents in the "wealthy" 9th Senate District can easily afford new tax increases. 

    It is no wonder that a significant amount of Biss's past contributions ( funding- House seat) and new contributions ( funding- Senate seat) can be directly linked to Springfield. Just look at This is the guy who is on the record of stating that all Springfield legislators are "liars" and "idiots".

    I am not quite sure about you, but with a family of six, it seems much more prudent to vote for fiscal discipline, fighting Illinois corruption and waste with a vote for Glenn Farkas, an ex-quarterback and small business owner; the 9th Senate District Republican candidate, then giving a "green light" pass for a significantly higher tax bill. Split your ticket, if necessary, but this local issue is serious. 

  4. #####Can you update this for 2018?

    Hi Bill–

    Trolling through the awesome archives which led me to wonder if Evanston Now could update this for 2018?

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