Evanston police are investigating a shooting incident that happened shortly before 5:30 p.m. today.

Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says a male adult was shot. He’s been transported to Evanston Hospital. There’s no word yet on his condition.

Police were searching for as many as four men in connection with the shooting.

Police reportedly placed Evanston Township High School on lockdown briefly as a precaution after the shooting, which happened only a couple blocks away from the school. 


Update 7:40 p.m.: Several people reportedly have been taken into custody and transported to the Evanston police station for questionning. A number of witnesses also reportedly have been taken to the Northwestern University police station to keep them separated from the suspects.

NU and Skokie police were called in to help with transporting the suspects and witnesses. 

Update 7:48 p.m.: Police now say the victim was a 45-year-old Evanston resident. Police say he was in the rear of the building when four male black suspects approached and began to fire gunshots. The victim was struck once in the head. He’s now in critical condition at Evanston Hospital.

Police say the gunman fled the scene westbound on foot. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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    1. Shocking in low income housing area

      Shocking this happened in a low income housing area….but let's make affordable housing everywhere in Evanston!

      1. Affordable Housing isnt the

        Affordable Housing isnt the issue and wouldnt be the ONLY issue. How do we generalize people who need afordable housing as "bad people" or "thugs" not everyone who gets hurt in that area lives in that area. Furthermore, isnt there a MASS issue regarding violence/killing/shootings going on in and around Chicago, and THE WHOLE WORLD?? or did you bypass that with your selective seeing/hearing? Wasnt there a HUGE drug bust on FLORENCE in Evanston, a NON Affordable housing area, and a NON Black person? Down the street from an Elementary school and Robert Crown. Theres no comments under that story….Hmmm… Dont generalize, and do something to change whats going on instead of trolling for negativity. 

        1. Excusing, comparing, minimizing, defending

          Excusing and comparing and minimizing and defending, will change nothing. Accepting that the situation is exactly what it is, may. Also, nothing will change until the people in that area have a desire for better, believe better is attainable and are willing to work for better. Until then, stay out of the "War Zone".

        2. Syrian/other refugees for Evanston ?

          With the crisis in Syria, and people fleeing to Europe, the U.S. and maybe Evanston will have to decide on whether and how many to take.  Africa and maybe Baltic countries, former Soviet countries, Asian [esp. SE] and maybe even Russians may/will want to come to America.  We have spent many years and resources on those coming from Mexico and Latin [South?] America that many contries of the world have been neglected.

          We will also have to come to terms with the idea some have proffered for years that immigrants add to the wealth of America [more than spending the money on citizens instead ?] and if that is true, why do they prosper [as is often stated] when so many citizens who are 3rd, 4th or even 20th generation are living in various stages of poverty and high crime ? Given a wide diversity [race, religion, wealth] in their native culture of immigrants in the past and maybe expected in the future, Someday we will have to deal with these questions instead of the same excuses we have heard for many, many years.

    2. This is crazy!

      This is crazy! You can't even walk down a street and enjoy the weather with your family. What does one have to do to stop the maddness?

      1. Walk down the street

        We really can enjoy beautiful Evanston outside of the war zone. The thing I hate is our HS in right in the middle of it.

  1. Stop with the Low Income Housing Excuse!!!

    Majority of the parties involved are 2nd and 3rd generation Evanstonians!! Their families have been home owners in Evanston for years! The problem is the parents, the grandparents and the other family members! They know what their children are involved in and have been involved in for years! They know their sons don't work, don't go to school and just stand on "the block" all day. How many of these young men actually graduated from high school?? I think it is safe to say very few. The parents of these young men did not follow through on their job as a parent from the start! The "bad kids" have now turned into gang banging gun toting THUGS!

    Nothing is going to change until the familes of these THUGS step up and take responsibility for the monsters they have created! The power is in them to educate their children about LIFE and RESPECT and LIVING!!!

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