Evanston police say a man was struck by a city public works truck while crossing Central Street near Prairie Avenue this afternoon.

The incident happened about 4 p.m. Police Chief Richard Eddington says the victim is still hospitalized, but he didn’t know the man’s condition.

The chief said that his understanding is that no citations have been issued to the driver in the incident. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Another accident on Central St.

    The man was hit a little after 2 p.m. yesterday right out front of the Bluestone.  It was a little weird that it took a bit for the ambulance to arrive (20 minutes and it was a Skokie ambulance), but the man was concious and vocal as they tended to him.  The Evanston Police than had the area taped off in order to take pictures and have an accident/evidence technician from the Northbrook Police department come in and start the investigation.  I hope that everyone involved in the accident is doing alright and I also hope that maybe the City of Evanston might figure a better system for Central St.  Let’s hope for no more accidents.

    1. pedestrian awareness

      How about pedestrian awareness and crossing in the crosswalks? What better ‘system’ could there be? Not sure if the victim was doing this or not but it would be a good start to try and avoid pedestrian/vehicle accidents.

      It always impotant to remember that regardless of any State laws, pedestrians will always lose the battle with vehicles.

      1. Let me tell you about that crosswalk ‘system’

        I was hit by a car at Davis and Ridge a little short of a year ago. It was a pretty fall afternoon, good visibility. I was crossing Ridge going west IN the pedestrian crosswalk WITH the pedestrian light. Made no difference. The driver of a car turning south onto Ridge was distracted by something in her lap, looking down (as reported by two witnesses) and didn’t see me (by her own report later) as she plowed into me. Concussion, lacerations and abrasions, suturing, hospitalization. Long-term, healthy fear of traffic and intersections. Now I don’t trust the crosswalk or the light. I jaywalk whenever possible, staying acutely aware of everything around me. It’s in MY hands now – I’ll never again be trusting of traffic lights, crosswalks or drivers. I’m lawless and empowered.

  2. Accident update

    Some additional information about the pedestrian accident on Central Street yesterday afternoon: 

    The pedestrian parked his car in the 1900 block of Central, exited his vehicle and began to walk across Central Street (not in a crosswalk).  As he crossed the center line, he made a "U" turn in the street and headed back toward his car and walked in front of the City Public Works truck, which struck him.  

    Evanston Engine 25 was first to arrive on the scene in 2 minutes 43 seconds after the call came in.  Evanston Fire called a Mutual Aid ambulance from Skokie, Skokie A17, to assist because Evanston’s other two front line ambulances were already on EMS calls at the time.  Skokie A17 arrived in 7 minutes 21 seconds. 
    All of Evanston’s fire engines and trucks are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment and have at least two fire fighter/paramedics assigned to each apparatus so that ALS care can be initiated immediately upon arrival, prior to an ambulance (Evanston or mutual aid) arriving at the scene.  This was the case yesterday. 
    Evanston Engine 25 immediately initiated ALS care and then assisted Skokie A17 with transfer of care until they transported the patient to a local hospital.  The total "run time", from the first call to the patient’s arrival at the hospital, was around 30 minutes.  His condition is unknown at this time (the federal HIPAA law protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information). 
    I was on the scene around 2:25, shortly after the accident.  I wish I knew more about the pedestrian’s condition, but know that everyone is hoping he is well.  I’ve been thinking of him all day. 
    Evanston Police requested that the investigation be conducted by the regional Major Accident Investigation Team, hence, the involvement of the Northbrook Police Department.  Central Street was reopened to vehicular traffic around 5:30 pm yesterday. 
    Jane Grover
    Alderman, 7th Ward
    1. Thank you for your update and clarifications

      I was there minutes after this occurred. As a crowd gathered a woman walked up and made an astonishing comment for all to hear. She said "I’m glad this happened. That will teach these city workers to slow down. They all speed and violate traffic laws. They think they’re above the law." Wow. She could not have sounded more insensitive and uneducated. Everyone is quick to blame. I can only hope she reads Alderman Grover’s posting. Then again, I don’t think this would change her opinion whatsoever.

  3. pedestrian safety

    I walk 5 miles a day in Evanston, the biggest traffic offenders (ie no stopping for stop signs, turning into ped right of ways) are city vehicles, meter readers and postal trucks. It’s ridiculous that even our tax paid employees don’t follow the rules of the roads. I’m shocked there aren’t more accidents and injuries.

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