Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl addressed about 300 people protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies at an early afternoon rally at Northwestern University today.

The mayor, who jokes that it was her first time speaking through a bullhorn, spoke of the Evanston’s “welcoming city” ordinance that forbids local police to cooperate with most federal government efforts to deport illegal immigrants.

And she encouraged the students to write to officials in their home towns encouraging them to adopt similar ordinances.

Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park and Cook County have all adopted such ordinances, the mayor said, but many other communities need to do so nationwide.

The protest began outside University Hall on south campus and then the demonstrators marched up the Sheridan Road sidewalk to Tech for the main rally, where they were addressed by several international students and faculty members as well as the mayor.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Mayor

    With 8,000 undergrads, surely the mayor could find more than 300 students and professorsto follow her in this march.

    1. Time to removed federally subsidized student loans

      It probably will not hurt the rich NU students, but the current administration should work with Congress to make it so that subsidized student loans, Pell grants, and the like could not be used at the “sanctuary” colleges or ones located in cities or states with similar policies. Otherwise, these federal funds are going to support ILLEGAL aliens, if even indirectly.

      Also, just like the push to make ‘e-verify’ mandatory for businesses, they should do the same for colleges, else they loose any kind of federal money.

      Follow the LAW. 

      1. Some Interesting Things to think about

        Being a private Research University, the majority of Northwestern’s operational funding is private, not federal. There are however federal funding and endowment oppurtunities in many research areas available, however none of these fund financial aid. The FAFSA, which one would use to be eligible for the financial Aid options you brought up, is not easy to register for and does require the I-94 code from a visa or Green card. Immigration, naturalization, and the rights of those who provide education privately in this nation are all very deep and complex topics.  There is more here than meets the eye. It is also worth noting that a student run assembly is not an illegal or a punitive act in any legal way, given the basic understandings of the Illinois criminal code and altogether, the constitution that inspires those laws.

  2. Which Immigrants ?

    Ones who applied for visas and quota system kept out for years ?

    Ones who crossed borders and snuck into the country ?

    Ones who overstayed their visas on purpose ?

    Ones who had good jobs and not subject to threats but crossed to US anyway ?

    Ones who just wanted to live in the US ?

    Those escaping justice system in their country? Known violent, terrorists, anarchists ?

    Those who don’t like their government  ?

    Those who came legally or illegally now want their parents, children, and other relatives to come here ?

    Those who came illegally so children will be citizens, go to school, get and now complain that like the child who kills his parents, he needs mercy since he is an orphan ?

    Those with no skills, no education, no chance of getting a job but wants welfare ?

    Those from countries like Mexico that won’t accept refuges from even other Latin American countries ?

    Who would not want to come to America ? Which countries and how many do we except ? All of Mexico, Syria, Africa, Iran ? There are many failed countries.

  3. Democrats are playing politics with our security

    So our brave liberal mayor agrees with the 9th Circuit Court that citizens of other nations, most of which have no central goverment and rife with Islamic terrorists, have constitutional rights. Crazy.

    Tell ya what, if any American is killed at the hands of an Islamic terrorist connected in any way with this ridiculous court ruling Americans should vote out every single Democrat.

    Remember when the FBI said it can nor properly vet refugees or immigrants from Syria and that ISIS said it would send suicide militants to America posing as refugees. ISIS, which controls real estate in what is known as Syria, successfully sent militants to Europe through its refugees program and they killed innocent people.

    Why is it so important to liberal Democrats to resettle refugees and immigrants from Libya, Syria and Somalia that have no central goverment and full of Islamic terrorist groups? What’s in it for us?

    Nothing. Democrats are playing politics with the safety and best interests of American citizens.

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