Mayor: Ideas key to campaign

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, responding to campaign finance reports that show she spent nearly three times as much as her nearest challenger in this spring’s election, says ideas are more important than spending in Evanston elections.

The mayor says “Evanston voters are very smart” and “that staying positive works.”

Tisdahl, who was the only incumbent alderman in the four-way race, and thus the only one with a record in office to defend, said staying positive “does cost more money, because going negative gets a lot of press.”

She said she sees three options for future candidates:

  • Be a full-time candidate and get your message out with coffees, forums and going door-to-door.
  • Keep working and fund the campaign with your own money and donations.
  • Dial for dollars and hold lots of fundraisers. People will donate, she says, if they believe in the candidate and the candidate’s message.

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