Mayor learns lesson, makes edible bet


Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and College Station Mayor Nancy Berry have placed a bet on the outcome of the 2011 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas to be played on New Year's Eve in Houston.

The game pits the Northwestern Wildcats from Evanston against the Aggie's of Texas A&M from College Station.

Mayor Tisdahl in a phone call with Mayor Berry on Monday bet a rib dinner from Evanston's Hecky's Barbecue if Texas A&M wins. Mayor Berry wagered a prime rib roast and a supply of Texas Aggie Brand Beef Jerky from the Texas A&M Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center if Northwestern is victorious.

"I appreciate Mayor Berry's good sportsmanship in putting up fine Texas meat products against the very best barbeque ribs in the world. It will be my pleasure to treat the Evanston City Council to prime rib and Aggie beef jerky after Northwestern beats Texas A&M on New Year's Eve," said Mayor Tisdahl.

"Fantastic – I'm looking forward to the College Station City Council enjoying the best ribs in the world," Mayor Berry said. "But, just in case, I'm prepared to send Mayor Tisdahl some equally famous offerings from A&M. The beef jerky alone has been lauded by The New York Times. This should be a great game."

Two years ago Tisdahl made a clothing bet with the mayor of Auburn, Ala., that  left the entire City Council wearing too-small Auburn football jerseys at a City Council meeting following Northwestern's loss in the Outback Bowl.

Aldermen wearing their Auburn jerseys.

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