Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl reportedly has decided to nominate Brian Miller, chief of staff to County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, as 9th Ward alderman.

Under state law, Miller’s appointment requires confirmation by the City Council, but that’s expected to be a formality. He will replace Coleen Burrus, who resigned after accepting a job at Princeton University, and will be eligible to run for a full term in the next City Council election in 2017.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Tisdahl informed the other candidates for the job of her decision Thursday afternoon.

Miller, an attorney, is also president of the Democratic Party of Evanston and lives at 643 Custer Ave.

Others who sought the job include Kristin Brown, a department manager at Rotary International and member of the McGaw YMCA board; Schona Buranda, program director of outreach and partnerships for the Good News Partners affordable housing organization in Rogers Park, Dan Coyne, a Ridgeville Park District board member and school social worker; Shawn Jones, an attorney and reporter for the Evanston RoundTable, and Mary McAuley, co-owner of Renaissance Realty in Evanston.

Update 12:05 p.m.: Tisdahl this noon said Miller will be sworn in at a special City Council meeting on Monday at 6 p.m., ahead of the council’s regularly scheduled Rules Committee meeting. 

Tisdahl said Miller “is a dedicated member of the Evanston community, and will be an enthusiastic and responsive alderman for 9th Ward residents.”

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Miller for 9th Ward Alderman
    Brian is an excellent choice to represent the 9th Ward. Our family looks forward to getting to know him better in future. THANK YOU, MAYOR TISDAHL!

  2. Conflict anyone?
    Let’s get this straight. He works for Cook County government, he’s president of the DPOE, and now he’ll be a City of Evanston alderman. All at the same time. And we hear he’s got a new kid at home, too. Clearly, the 9th ward will be tip top priority.
    Thanks, Mayor.

    1. Conflict Anyone?

      My concerns exactly. I see a conflict of time. How much time will he have available to serve the 9th ward? He has a full-time job, the president of an another organization, a new father, and probably numerous other commitments, and now a representative of our district??

      1. You can’t have a job & family to be alderman?

        I don't know anything about this guy, but let's get real.  The job is technically part time (at least the pay certainly is).  Although there are a couple of retirees on council, many (if not most) are employed full time. 

        Ditto with family committments.  I know for a fact that at least three council members have school-age kids.  You see them at their kids' sports events, etc…

        I am not sure why anyone would say the fact that Miller has a kid that it should be a reason for disqualification.

        I would applaud the Mayor for making this selection process a bit more transparent.  When Lionel Jean-Baptiste quit the council a few years back, she had one public meeting to get resident input but never publically announced the people she was considering nor invited them to present themselves in a public fashion.

        Remember, if 9th ward consitutents are unhappy with Miller's performance, an election is only a couple of years or so away.

      2. Unbelievable

        This is shocking. This is clearly a political appointment. The job of alderman is supposed to be nonpolitical. Clearly a conflict of interest. He should be required to resign from the DPOE.

         Thanks mayor for another decision that conflicts with the standards of Evanston government.

        1. What Standards ?
          With the Council making gifts and loans to “Winners” [see Chicken and Waffles, Trader Joes, Wine and Cheese bars], work without even Council approval [“Patiogate”], no concept of economics or finance [see B&B fights, the Mansion], one has to wonder what those Standards are suppose to be.
          Seems like more “Seat of the Pants” we want what we want.

        2. I am shocked!

          "This is shocking. This is clearly a political appointment. The job of alderman is supposed to be nonpolitical. " Are you serious? Alderman are elected officials, legislators, and….yes, politicians.

          1. We all know the reality but

            We all know the reality but in case you didn't notice when they run for city council, they do not identfy with a political party. This joker bragged about being the head of the DPOE. Clearly his selection was another mistake by our mayor.

            If Miller has any ethics, he will either resign from the DPOE or resign from the city council. We will see what kind of person he is.

  3. 9th Ward Alderman

    After hearing Brian at the canidate forum I am concerned that his interest in Evanston are only part of his long term political career. Not that being a career politican is bad, I'm just not sure that his vote, concern, and passion live in Evanston. I hope that I am wrong and Brian sees the value in his role. I hope that his decisions are in line with those he represents and that those that look good on his resume.

  4. Alderman Appointment

    Did the Mayor appoint him or did Larry Suffredin? Should have been someone that appears to be  Bipartisan.

    1. Bipartisan?

      "Did the Mayor appoint him or did Larry Suffredin? Should have been someone that appears to be  Bipartisan."

      What's that supposed to mean?   Do we want someone in office who has absolutely no opinion on any government affairs, and has no opinion on any 'political' matters (budget cuts, how to prevent crime, taxation, how to deal with police and fire unions)?

      1. Bipartisan

        Do you want someone that strictly votes for one Political Party and not consider other opinions.

        Perhaps if you read the article.

  5. Bad Choice

    As current or resigned DPOE President, I honestly question his ability to represent everyone in his Ward and make decisions and legislate objectively.  DPOE is an activist organization that is ideologically driven.  This is a huge conflict of interest.

  6. Great, a disciple of tax and

    Great, a disciple of tax and spend Larry contributing to the already ridiculous direction of the council. 

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