Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl says she’s  very pleased with how city workers and residents have responded to this week’s blizzard.

A woman uses her snowblower to clear a curb cut at Ridge Avenue and Church Street Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking with reporters late Wednesday afternoon, the mayor said she was especially impressed with how residents were pulling together to help out one another.

“It’s wonderful that people with snowblowers have reached out to those who don’t have them. People have been taking care of each other’s driveways — it’s been absolutely wonderful,” the mayor said.

She also praised Public Works Director Suzette Robinson and the pubic works crews running snowplows. “Everyone is doing a terrific job,” she added.

With Sheridan Road closed to traffic, Wednesday morning offered some Southeast Evanston residents a chance to take to the street and chat with neighbors. (Jack Weiss photo)

But not all residents were quite as blissed out about the blizzard response.

Some complained on message boards about neighbors who had managed to block everybody else in while opening a path for their own cars.

Others wondered how they would ever manage to shovel out their drifted-in vehicles to move them to comply with alternate side snow emergency parking rules.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Mayor praises the response?

    Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back, Mayor.  But consider this:  similar taxes and same snowfall in Wilmette and their streets look like about 6 inches fell.  Ours look like 60 inches fell.  Why can Wilmette respond so well and our city’s snow removal and plowing efforts will be aided by Spring?

      1. Oh for sidewalk plows

        This is my one envy of Wilmette.  If only we could have our sidewalks plowed. . . . or at the very least at the intersections where those huge mountains of snow are created by the road plows.  There’s no way for pedestrians to cross the streets without mountain climbing gear, unless very responsible residents at the corners do their duty.  And to be fair, it is very unrealistic to expect mere residents to be able to blast paths through some of these mountains of snow at their corners.  Meantime, pedestrians are trapped, unless there’s a driveway cleared somewhere near the corner leading to the street.    

        1. Wilmette also plowed

          Wilmette also plowed alleys. We live on one of those streets that look alot like Wilmette (single famliy houses, garages, driveways) and Evanston did not handle the snow storm on our street as well as Wilmette handled their streets.

          There will be people whp try to justify why snow plowing is more challenging in Evanston than Wilemtte, but also consider this: Wilmette did a better job with the snow storm than Kenilworth.

      2. Wilmette – their snow emergency is over –

        Go to Wimette’s web site it appears their snow emergency is over – they have not cleaned the sidewalks  yet – although they do state they clean them for all residents.  In driving through Wilmette today – I did notice a small city snow plow cleaning off side walks north of the post office.

        I wonder what it cost Wilmette to clean the sidewalks?  Maybe it costs no more than a City planner?  Recently the city had a planner proposing we move the animal shelter, for economic development.  clearly this is not a good use of our tax dollars!  I rather pay for my side walk to be cleaned than for a planner to suggest we need to move the animal shelter.

        Or better yet – lay off one of the property standard’s inspectors – so they don’t have to write tickets for uncleaned side walks – let the city clean the sidewalks!

    1. get a clue…

      because you haven’t a one.

      Evanston is a much more populous city than Wilmette. There are many more cars/apartments/homes without driveways. Meaning there are many more cars on the street than your precious Wilmette. It’s much more difficult to plow down streets that are populated with cars on both sides of the street.

      Complainers need to open their minds and try to grasp the enormity of this storm and the complications that arise from the metropolitan environment in which we reside. Narrow streets, large car population, confined geographical location.

      I commend the City’s response and the snowplow drivers who tirelessly worked (and are still working) to clear the roads for residents to use a mere day after the 3rd largest snowstorm in this area’s recorded history.

      You are free to either move to Wilmette, volunteer to hop in a plow and help the cause, or save your hollow complaints for people who really care.

  2. Wilmette

    Wilmette does have a few things going in their favor, like a smaller area (5.4 sq miles vs. 7.8 sq miles for Evanston) so fewer miles of streets and a much lower population density (5,136 per sq mi vs. 9,584 per sq mi for Evanston) so fewer cars parked on the streets.

  3. Unfair snow removal

    I have lived in Evanston, on a corner, for over 50 years.  I have been forced to accept that the snowplows will fill my crosswalks and driveway with snow every winter, usually within 5 minutes of having finished clearing them out.  The city claims that this is the only way that they can clear the streets and that we must endure for the betterment of the city.  Years ago, having just cleaned my driveway, a plow came ready to leave its trail of snow behind in my driveway,  The snowplow driver made a small curve which very effectiively did NOT, leave me with a mountain of snow.  Every year I think of that driver with great affection.  So, it CAN be done!!!!!!

    Now, onto my latest complaint….The snowplow drivers seem to be following a new protocol.  They plow the street, and THEN at the intersection curve the plow blade toward the opposite side of the street where they deposit the snow in the crosswalk.  This results in a "mountain" of snow on one side of the street more than 5 feet high and a "bunny hill" on the other side of the street less than 2 feet high.  This is wrong in so many ways, that I am looking forward to receiving a response from the mayor, the streets and san supervisor–whom I have called, or anyone else who can explain this new method of plowing the street.

    Let’s assume that there is a reason for this new method of plowing, then let’s use some common sense…..drive the plow a couple more feet and then deposit the snow on the parkway, where it can stay till spring for all I care, not on the crosswalk where people must cross the street and where I have to clear it out.  Also, another suggestion, instead of having 2 snowplows following each other, with the second plow doing very little in the cleanup–especially after the first run through–have a small plow come through and clear out the mountains of snow left in the crosswalks and driveways.  Believe me, with some thought, the citizens of Evanston can be more properly served.

    As noted by another, I do appreciate the hard work done by the snowplow drivers, I just think that there is a better way and after the 50+ years that I have lived here, they have had plenty of time to figure out a better system.  I for one would be glad to give up the silly banners and signs that are popping up all over, in favor of using that money for something more useful like getting our sidewalks cleared like Wilmette and I believe also Skokie. 

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