Planned changes to the Advanced Disposal transfer station at 1711 Church St. in Evanston will be presented at a community meeting Tuesday at the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center, 1823 Church St.

In February last year Evanston aldermen voted to settle litigation the city had begun against the transfer station in 2010.

The transfer station, which operates under a state permit issuedin 1984, has been the subject of odor and rodent complaints from neighbors for years, although some neighbors say conditions have improved recently.

As part of the settlement the city agreed to approve improvements to the station proposed by the company.

A 2016 rendering of proposed landscaping improvements at the transfer station.

Construction of the project is scheduled to begin by Monday, Aug. 1, and will include closing a portion of the sidewalk along the north side of the Church Street for a least a month.

Improvements will include demolishing an abandoned brick building, widening the current entrance, installing a 12-foot sound and visual barrier wall and adding landscaping to the site.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Adding plants really???
    Well nobody complaint it needed to look nicer.
    The problem is that it smells really bad some days is just terrible and theres alot of rodents running around. So my question is how are you going to fix that problem?
    Because what you plan obviously does not fix the problem!!

  2. 5th wardians always gets the blade to hold
    This is going to be a problem. Wider entrance means more trunks coming in and out, more pollution to our already toxic block (church street,Darrow and lyons) If this facility was by the lakeside or north side of evanston it would be shut down 20 years ago.

    Couple years from now city officials is going to wonder. Why isn’t the 5th ward improving like it surround wards. It the treatments and bad policies and neglect of the minorities, that’s been going on for a very long time and still continues..

    Does anybody know what it like having trash odors when all you want to do is enjoy the summer on your front porch, hearing the semi trunk from up to 500 feet dumping and banging their beds 8am in the morning. Watching 12 inchs rats run around like a third world country..

    As always poor and black suffers.. peace

    1. And then evanston prides
      And then evanston prides themselves in saying we dont segregate and we dont discriminate. I have seen our area been overlooked for a long time now is time that things change around here..

    2. The Fifth Ward gets more than its share

      There are relatively expensive townhomes and condos that were built in the past decade right next door to the waste transfer station. The majority of these residents are white and complained, leading to the city initiating a fee and consequently becoming embroiled in a costly lawsuit.

      Don’t forget, while many folks of all colors were losing homes and equity in the great recession the Fifth Ward received the benefit of an $18 million federal neighborhood stabilization grant. 

      Don’t forget, the city forked over a $200,000 grant for an African American museum in the Fifth Ward on the same block as the waste transfer station but the money disappeared and the museum never happened. 

      And don’t forget the city bought the former boocoo center on the same street one block west of the waste transfer station and turned it into a cultural center, naming it the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center — after two African-American businessmen who once owned businesses on the block. So cry me a river. The Fifth Ward gets more than its share.

      As always, some play the black victim card. It’s a cottage industry.

      1. No way this would be happening in 6th or 7th ward
        Im sure if this was happening on the 7th or 6th ward they definitely would have done something else other then some nice landscaping to help fix the problem.

        1. It is telling if all can’t

          It is telling if all can’t feel equity in a city with +85% democratic voting residents.  Either ‘equity’ is an inherently elusive target by design, thus justifying all the city resources poured into this, or those +85% who truly champion equity should be doing more volunteering and personal contributions to address.  

          It will be interesting to see what impact the higher out of pocket tax burden (State and Cook County Property Tax) will have on charitable giving.

      2. Fifth Ward getting more?

        You need to get your facts straight, the 18 million dollar federal program did not all go to the 5 th Ward. It was only received due to the economic situation in two wards.

  3. Waste Transfer Station Meeting

    What time is the meeting at Gibbs/ Morrison.  A garbage dump could only be located in Evanston in a primarily minority neighborhood…..

    1. Meeting is at 6 p.m.

      The story is that the waste transfer station was initially welcomed — at least by some — because it was locally owned and provided jobs for neighborhood residents.

      It opened on the site of a former coal yard — which closed because of the shift to other forms of heating fuel.

      The coal yard had been located there because it could get coal delivered to the site by the rail line that at the time ran through the neighborhood.

      Of course now the business is not locally owned and it employs far fewer workers than it once did.

      The actual “garbage dump” in Evanston — at what’s now James Park — operated at a time when the adjoining area was almost exclusively white.

      What both areas had in common was that they were relatively low income neighborhoods, compared to the rest of the community.

      — Bill

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