Meters or kiosks — which would you prefer?


Evanston is expected to seek bids soon on replacing its aging parking meters — either with fancy new meters or pay-and-display parking kiosks.

The city has been experimenting with both approaches in recent months. It's installed a pay-and-display parking kiosk system on Church Street downtown and some new-style meters that accept credit cards for payment on segments of Sherman Avenue and Davis Street.

Now that you've had a chance to try out both systems — we'd like to know which system your prefer.

We know what you're thinking — Where's the "Parking should be free" option?

Well, until that state of nirvana arrives, how about sharing your views on another idea that's been floating around — letting residents buy a permit that would let them park at meters — within posted time limits — without having to feed the meter?

Top: a credit-card-accepting parking meter and the payment panel of a parking kiosk.

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