Modest pay hikes, more planning time for D65 teachers


The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 administration has released a summary of highlights of its contract with the District 65 Educators’ Council (DEC) that won final approval at Monday’s school board meeting.

The contract includes a series of pay increases plus allowances for more free time for teachers to plan their lessons for students.

On the pay side, teachers this school year, effective in January, will receive what they call a “step increase,” that recognizes the number of years of service to the district, plus a “track movement increase” that recognizes continuous learning and additional coursework, participation on school or district committees, and the completion of “leadership projects.”

Then next year, they will receive a .5% “cost of living increase” based upon the 2015-2016 salary schedule. This will be in addition to a “step increase” and “track movement increase” for eligible members.

In the third year of the contract, members will receive a cost of living increase of 50 percent of that of the Consumer Price Index, with a minimum of 1.25 percent and a maximum of 2.5 percent. This is in addition to step and track increases.

Should the district seek and successfully pass an operational referendum, those numbers would rise to equal a base salary increase of 75% of CPI with a minimum of 1.75% and maximum of 3.25%.

As part of the agreement, both sides agreed to provide teachers with more time for professional planning, collaboration, and meeting the needs of their students and families.

All staff meetings, for example, will be scheduled September through May and may not exceed 75 minutes each. Only one staff meeting will be held in months when parent-teacher conferences are held.

Kindergarten through fifth grade classroom teachers will receive a fifth day of planning time which will result in additional enrichment opportunities for students (to be determined by the District).

Also, Special Education staff will receive an additional ten minutes of planning time each day. This increases their daily planning time from 30 minutes to 40 minutes per day.

The agreement is currently being finalized by the district and DEC leadership and will be available on the District 65 website as soon as the review process is complete.



Charles Bartling

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio stations and business-oriented magazines.

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