As soon as folks get back from the Labor Day holiday, and the kids go back to school, the City of Evanston will start work on nine resurfacing projects on streets throughout the community.

This project involves curb replacements, as needed; roadway base repair; replacement of asphalt surface from curb to curb; and selected sidewalk and driveway apron replacements.

The road work is part of the city’s continuous program to improve the road system throughout the community.

The funding for the project will be from the capital improvement funds and there will be no direct charge to the property owners on these streets, according to the city.

Here are the streets slated for the work:

1. Pitner Avenue (Lee Street to Greenleaf Street)

2. Dewey Avenue (Kirk Street to Oakton Street)

3. Brummel Street (Elmwood Avenue to Ridge Avenue)

4. Elmwood Avenue (Lee Street to Crain Street)

5. Milburn Street (Ridge Avenue to Orrington Avenue)

6. Asbury Avenue (Central Street to Chancellor Street)

7. Jenks Street (Eastwood Avenue to dead end east)

8. Hartrey Avenue (Lincoln Street to Central Street)

9. Bennett Avenue (Simpson Street to Payne Street)

The construction will begin on September 4 on several of the street segments, with the entire project expected to be fully completed by mid-October, the city said.

Charles Bartling

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  1. What about Sheridan Road?

    I'd like to know if and when the city plans on redoing the stretch of Sheridan road from Isabella to where Chicago Ave meets it.  Thanks.

  2. A bumpy strip of road

    I agree.  That's one bumpy strip of road.  Since it's in front of the University, maybe Evanston is waiting for Northwestern to pay for it..  Let's not hold our breaths waiting for that.

    1. Sheridan Rd.

      Hello Anon & Anon…  methinks who ever will pay for it is waiting for all the construction to be done…  Isn't Sheridan a State Rd? 

      =;D  Brian Becharas

  3. More Street Work $$$$

    Fellow Citizens,

    I am always in favor of improving the roads but it has always mystified me how streets are selected… and when.

    I just drove down (up or sideways) Hinman Ave between Main St & So. Blvd in an antique car… and even in my modern daily driver, it is a humpy and unusually bumpy road… 9 out of 10 obsticles are from contractors opening the streets up to service/replace/repair water or sewer lines.

    Why doesn't the City in it's quest for more revenue, require any entity that opens up the street to repair it properly and post a meaningful bond that it will last a long, long time? 

    Petroleum based asphalt must be very expensive these days and I for one would like to see more care taken from those who alter a perfectly good road bed and ensure it will be repaired/resurfaced in a journeyman like way.

    Thanks for entertaining my two cents.

    Respectfully, Brian G. Becharas

  4. Street work or more smoke and mirrors?

    During the mid year budget – the city showed it had only spent 3 million out of a 40 million dollar capital budget – llook at the streets the city is doing, almost all residential NO major streets,   Remember we have miles of old water pipe they are not replacing. Interestly enough, 3 million each year is being transfer from this fund, to the general fund.

    How are the roads selected- mostly political patronage, council members each ask whats in their ward. What more interest staff has appeared to wasted quite a bit of time on pedestrian safety, which is mostly the alderman nonsense.

    At the same time Wally has no one running this department, the manager is long gone, I as noted in a previous post it is screw up – since a professional engineer reports to the head of trash collection, Wally changed it from a director position ( typical wally cost savings) trhink he will get anyone qualified to apply for the poistion.  The head of trash collection can't seem to answer the simplest questions about the streets.

    Some one asked about Sheridan road- didn't they just waste $10,000 dollars or more restripping it? interestly the entire road way needs replaced. when is it going to happen ?  Burrus is concerned about speed given the potholes and conditon of the road you risk damaging you car driving down these streets.

    The Mayors great leadership is to put a clinic in the basement of the Civic and misuse taxpayers money on that, she does not care about the roads, ofcourse when she was on the council she had Praire ave fixed by her house, not too worry about all the water pipes which have recently broken on central street.

    Wally is not getting the work done on the streets, money is not being used  well, and major things continue to go undone.  Ofcourse Wally is going to tell you everythings fine, ofcourse I don't blame Wally, his master's continue to waste his time, and misdirect him continual.


  5. Fix these streets first

    Asbury, from (Oakton to Howard) needs major help.

    Chicago Avenue to Howard/Clark, north from South Boulevard.) needs major help.

    And Sherman Avenue, from Oakton Street to Dempster Street,  needs major help. People take that street as a means to cut from the busy traffic on Chicago and Ridge, but this street is in major use, from school buses to parents, and kids walking, It's not smooth; many bumps and pot holes in which I think my car may fall into and ok break.


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