With early voting continuing this week ahead of the Nov. 4 general election, county election officials report 1,773 people had cast ballots in Evanston as of early this afternoon.

Cook County Clerk David Orr says the turnout so far has been impressive and is expected to grow as election day nears.

“We anticipate voters will really appreciate being able to cast a ballot after work now that all 43 suburban Cook County early voting sites are open until 7 p.m. today through Friday,” Orr added.

Countywide 55,700 early ballots have been cast so far. The early voting turnout at the Civic Center in Evanston ranks the city ninth among the 43 early voting sites across the county.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Hope the early votes are for Rauner

    Although i have supported Democrats for over 40 years, the Democratics in Illinois are not supporting me or other citizens. For example, Mike Madigan has spent 40 years in Springfield, and 30 years as Speaker of the House enriching himself and his cronies. A vote for Quinn is a vote for Madigan. Enough is enough.

    Governor Quinn said he's a reformer but the patronage under his so called leadership not only continued, it's increased. Read the recent ruling by the Federal Judge regarding the patronage at the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). Taxpayers in Illinois shouldn't ignore this culture of patronage which helps the elite and entrenched Democrats at the expense of everyone else. Enough is enough.

    Lastly, every major newspaper in Illinois has endorsed Rauner, including the Tribune (not a surprise), Sun Times (major surprise), and newspapers in Springfield (don't they know something about politics?) Champaign, Peoria, Crain's Chicago, Arlington Heights, and the Daily Herald, and Northwest Herald and others. I don't support the lemming approach, but Google their endorsements and read why more and more people are fed up with the current Governor and one party rule that has dominated our great state for over 10 years. 

    I'm changing my stripes and voting for Rauner and I hope you do too !

    1. Voting Democratic-Reality based.

      The problem I have with even considering a Republican Canidate is that the Republican brand, in my opinion, is severely damaged by its association with various delusion elements including the Tea Party.  It is often said that "all politics is local", however these days "all politics is national".  In the previous comment it was argued that a "Vote for Quinn is a vote for Madigan".  The problem is that a "vote for Rauner is a vote for the Tea Party."  

      The fact is that the National Republican Party is dominated by this highly delusion Tea Party element.  For the last six year they have bought us such nonsense as birtherism, benghazism, paranoa about the Affordable Care Act – that is, non-existent "death Panels".  They continue to deny that Global Warming is a problem.  The Republican Party includes elements that are homophobic and IslamicPhobic.  They include elements that deny basic science by not being able to accept the theory of evolution.  This is the 21st century.  Why should we support a Party that cannot accept basic science?

      A vote for Rauner is ultimately of vote for all this.  I prefer a Reality Based Party.  Therefore I will be voting Democratic.

      1. Rauner is a Moderate Republican

        As i stated I supported Democrats in Illinois for over 40 years, and was concerned about any potential association with Rauner and the Tea Party. So I met and talked with people who worked with him, know him socially, and attended a couple of his talks. There is ZERO association between Bruce Rauner and the Tea Party. Your claim that a "vote for Rauner is a vote for the Tea Party" is not only misleading but WRONG.

        Rauner isn't running on a social platform. He won't change any laws that have been passed.

        Rauner's focus is on the Illinois economy and creating jobs for its citizens and taxpayers. He understands that Illinois has tremendous resources and assets that aren't currently being utilized because of the current leadership. He believes that Politicians should serve the interests of its citizens, and not the citizens serve the interests of politicians.

        Remember Illinois State Democrats led the effort to prevent term limits in Illinois and defeated the effort to have an independent commission draw the redistricting boundaries. Democrats in Illinois have done a very good job of keeping themselves in power and controlling the purse strings to their advantage. While many people have cited Rauner's wealth as a reason he's out of touch with voters, what about Madigan's wealth? And how was he able to accumulate so much wealth while "serving the public" in Springfield?

        Rauner is not beholden to the Republican Party or any special interest group. His focus is fixing Illinois for which he has said he will not take a salary, receive a pension and he'll only serve 2 terms. 

        I will vote for Rauner and hope he can fix Illinois instead of seeing Quinn perpetuate the fix on taxpayers. 


        1. Rauner is a Radical
          Rauner is a climate change skeptic and has called for a travel ban from West Africa.

          Both of these things suggest he doesn’t understand science OR he is pandering to the radical tea party crowd.

          The fact that the guy doesn’t have a plan for regulating carbon emissions–which is something the state is going to have to do during his term–shows he isn’t ready for prime time.

          1. Rauner’s agenda

            Here is Bruce Rauner's agenda from today's New York Times and I quote, 

            "I have an agenda that is about jobs and schools and taxes and fighting corruption,” he said. “I don’t have a social agenda.”

            If you think it's radical to want to create jobs in Illinois…

            If you think it's radical to want to improve schools in Illinois…

            If you think it's radical to want to lower taxes in Illinois…

            And if you think it's radical to want to fight corruption in Illinois…

            Then feel free to label Bruce Rauner a Radical and go and vote for Quinn.(Mike Madigan will be happy)

            Rauner's agenda seems very sensible to me.

            P.S. the article further states that Rauner avoided spending any time with Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on their recent visits to Illinois. I don't deny there are radical Republicans, but Rauner isn't one of them.

      2. Voting Republican — the common sense party

        What is wrong with the Tea Party? It was loosely formed after Democrats, enjoying a supermajority, decided to turn our healthcare system upside down and borrowed $1 trillion, more than the total borrowing in U.S. history, as millions of people were losing their jobs and homes. The Democrats without debate voted for the $1 trillion stimulus and Obamacare (done through bribery and abuse of parliamentiary procedures).

        "But we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it." Nancy Pelosi.

        "If you like your doctor. You can keep your doctor. Period." Obama. That turned out to be 2012's lie of the year.

        The Tea Party, that stands for Taxed Enough Already, correctly claimed that Obamacare will raise taxes despite how Democrats were selling the healthcare system overhaul. Lawyers defending Obamacare in a Supreme Court case quitely admitted, despite what Democrats were saying, that Obamacare penalties were really a tax.

        Death panels? Well, Ezekiel Emanuel, architect and public defender of Obamacare and head of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylania, last month wrote a 5,000 word essay that he will choose not to seek any medical treatment after age 75 and suggests we all do the same. It would save money and undue burdens on our children, he wrote (this despite Emanuel's dad is 87). Now that's some kind of crazy. Obama in 2009 questioned whether his terminally ill grandmother's hip replacement was a "sustainable model" for health care. This is the way Obamacare architects think about the young Frankenstein federal law.

        Last year, Democrat Kathleen Sebelius,  head of the Department of Health and Human Services, refused to waive a rule to save a 10 year old dying girl in need of a lung transplant even though Sebelius gave numerous Obamacare waivers to unions. It would have been a simple arbitrary waiver in which the girl could receive an available adult lung donor since there were no immediate lung donors from children. This was a case of an unaccountable bureacrat issuing a rigid one-size- fits-all life and death medical decision. A one person death panel if you will. But those Tea Partiers are really really crazy!!!! 

        Don't forget about Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board, an unelected, unrepresentative and unaccountable 15-member board with authority to make decisions on Medicare funding. Even a few Democrats oppose the creation of the board, some say will morph into a panel making life and death decisions. 

        Donald Trump led the charge on Obama's birth record. Last I checked, Trump is not a member of any Tea Party but an entertainer and successful businessman. Sure, there were a few Tea Party members who were upset about Obama's policies that joined the birth record chorus just as many liberals accused Bush,a  fighter jet pilot, of avoiding the draft.

        Benghazi? For two weeks after the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, Obama and Hillary Clinton told the world that the attack was spontaneous from a mob angry over a You tube video. There is plenty of evidence now that Obama and Hillary knew it was a coordinated attack from organized terrorist groups the day after it happened.  Ah, but it was an election year and really, what does it matter? Because those Tea Partiers are crazy!!!

        Global warming? Sorry Dan, we don't say global warming no more. It's climate change. Got that? Say, when does the climate not change?

        As for homosexuality or creationism – those issues are not even on the radar for Tea Partiers. There are some religious zealots on both side of the political aisle that argue that creationism deserves some textbook recognition since evolution is mostly scientific theory just as is the big bang theory.  Some religious folk believe they are God's chosen. Others believe Jesus as a saviour and others used religion to advance communist idealogy (Jim Jones and the People's Temple – a radical leftist organization with strong ties to the Democratic party in which it's members died drinking the proverbial Kool Aid.

        All the unfair criticism of the Tea Party stems from the intolerance and arrogance of those on the left who control most of the media and infest the American university system.

        Democrats have enjoyed a supermajority in Illinois for so long that corruption is part of the polical process. Government unions protested for a tax raise and the Democrats listened by raising income taxes 67 percent. 

        A vote for any Democrat is a vote for corruption, high taxes, high spending, bloated and inefficient government and government unions.

        Competition brings out the best. It's time to end the one party rule in Illinois. We will be voting for the Republican ticket.

    2. WasALoyalDemocrat (not verified)

      Your tagline reads:

      WasALoyalDemocrat (not verified)

      and how true that is:  your claim to ever being a Democrat is not verified 

      ..every election we hear from an army of "former Democrats" who proclaim that they have voted for every Democrat since JFK, or Adlai, or FDR, or Grover Cleveland…..but now, supposedly, they have finally had enough. and this guy ( Quinn, Obama, Kerry, Clinton…….or JFK, Adlai, or FDR) is just "too much" and they can't take it they are going to vote Republican up and down the ballot.

  2. Just Voted

    I just voted and I feel great.  You should vote too so that you also can feel great.  Everyone should vote – liberals, conservatives, Democrates, Republicans.  This is how we resolve our differences in a civilized way.  It also gives us something in common – it is the American Way.

    Now that I got that out of my system I want to address the previous comments concerning Rauner.  At one time in this country there was a center-left party which were the Democrats and a center-right Party – the Republicans.  Moderate voters, such as myself, had a choice.  Now there is a center-something party which are the Democrats and a right wing party which are the Republicans. These partys consist of a coalition of mutualy supporting entities.  Rauner may represent a more moderate element of the Republican Party but the coalition which he is part of includes as a signifact factor the Tea Party.  His election as governor will futher empower this part of the Republican coalition.

    When the Republicans lost the election in 2008 instead of trying to realign themselves by moving to the center they took a hard turn to the right and embraced, or were embraced by, the Tea Party. This is a very unfortunate situation.  Because instead of having a center-left versus a center-right party to choose between we have a Reality based party versus a party that is contains a dangerously delusional element.  The Republicans should reject these elements but so far they are unable or unwilling to do so.

    1. Center?
      What happened to the Blue Dog Democrats? Gone.

      Many Blue Dog Dems opposed Obama’s hard left agenda following his 2008 election.

      Are you a Blue Dog?

      In 2010 most of the Blue Dog Dems were ousted in the mid terms as voters turned on them and in 2012 many remaining either retired or lost elections due to gerrymandering and increased polarization.

      So I am not sure it is safe to say the Republicans are not the only party afflicted by inner division and polarization.

      If you claim to be a moderate Democrat – I think you are in the minority in today’s party which has lock step bought into Obama’s agenda… which is far left.

      Clinton pivoted to the center – which was instrumental in his continued success and bipartisan accomplishments.

      Obama will not pivot and will lead his party, now extremely left, progressive, to it’s eventual outcome (TBD).


      Rather than pivot to the middle which Clinton successfully did, Obama

  3. Quinn’s failed economic policies hurting our kids

    The Illinois State Board of Education released its Annual Report Card today and for the 1st time ever, greater than 50% of Illinois students are eligible for free and subsidized lunches. 52% to be exact.

    The more troubling fact is that during the "economic recovery" more students in Illinois are eligible for Free & Subsidized lunches. In 2010 45% of students were eligible. So from 2010 to 2014 this increased from 45% to 52%. People should ask why?

    The answer is that Quinn's failed policies have caused a growing number of Illinois companies to leave the state and take higher paying jobs out of Illinois. Just Google, "companies leaving Illinois." Also, businesses understand the challenges and politics in Illinois and are reluctant to invest in Illinois and create jobs. 

    Illinois needs to change.

    I'm also voting for Rauner.

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