A 47-year-old Evanston man has been charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly attacking a motorist at an intersection near the city’s lakefront more than two months ago.

Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says the 65-year-old Chicago motorist was turning right onto Forest Avenue from Burnham Place with the green arrow, when Arthur Williams, 47, who was walking his dog, stepped in front of his vehicle. Williams lives at 1245 Forest Ave., three doors away from the intersection.

The driver said that when he honked his horn, Williams kicked his car, opened the driver’s side door, began to beat the him and pulled him out of the car.

Dugan says Williams then ordered the dog to bite the driver and the dog bit the man in the groin and left hand.

Dugan says Williams and the dog left the scene on foot southbound on Forest. The victim was treated on the scene for scratches and bite wounds by Fire Department paramedics.

Dugan says detectives received a tip naming Williams as a suspect in the incident. Williams was charged after he went to the police station on Thursday.

He’s scheduled to appear in district court in Skokie at 1:30 p.m. on June 20.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. We need an assault dogs ban!

    Think of the children! Nobody’s safe with all those people walking their assault dogs on public streets and even on school property. We need to ban certain types of dogs outright, the rest need to be registered, and owners licensed to own and to walk. 

    1. assault

      Also a good idea to keep all car doors locked…..and lay on the horn to attract attention to the situation.

    2. A FOID card for large attack/security canines is a great idea
      Although you strike a sacrastic tone, you’ve actually got a good idea. Officers do, in fact, consider some types of dogs as weapons when responding to domestic calls. It would be a great thing if these types of dogs were only permitted to be owned by people competent enough to physically & cognitively handle them.

    3. I hope you are kidding
      Sarcasm, I hope?! As a pit bull owner and dog rescuer I can tell you that any dog can attack and bite. Just read a story about a Golden Retriever attack at a dog park. It is the owner that needs to be regulated, not the canine.

      1. FOID cards are for gun owners, not guns
        We agree then, that owners of large attack/security dogs are the issue. The owners need training on how best to handle dog breeds designed for attacking. Any dog can bite, just like anyone can pick a fight. The difference between people with guns vs fists is the same as ones with security/attack breeds vs mini-daschunds. The level of danger is the difference.

      2. I was being sarcastic…
        At least dogs have their free will, guns are inanimate objects. Yet we have politicians going hard on guns and easy on criminals who use them.

        Just stick a factory-standard magazine into your rifle and it becomes contraband subject to destruction.

  2. Misdemeanor charge?

    Seems like a light charge.  Does anyone know if this incident will be counted as a violent crime in the EPD 2017 annual report?

    1. Especially seems like a light
      Especially seems like a light charge given that Mr. Williams was arrested almost exactly two years earlier on a battery charge.

  3. How a misdemeanor
    The legal system is messed up.
    How can this and them many crimes, violent and robbery, ever be considered misdemeanor ??
    Between charges like this, we let juvenile off with little punishment, don’t let the public know their names, seal the records and wipe the record—and jail time–out at 21.
    No wonder the crime problem is not solved.

  4. What about the dog?
    Is there any information about what, if anything, is being done about the dog? Was it impounded? Released to the owner? Possibly going to be destroyed? Evanston has so many rules & regulations designed to manage the quality of life here that I’m curious as to what happens to an animal in this type of situation.

    1. Did Driver Get a Ticket?

      It appears the driver felt the dog walker should be in cross walk? Diidn’t dog walker have right of way?

  5. Unlikely Story

    Come on. Kicked the car, opened the door, beat the guy, dragged him out, and set the dog on him?  That’s a lot going on at a busy intersection in the middle of the day without any witnesses. That crosswalk is dangerous with cars racing down Burnham and trying to catch the light at Dempster. 

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