Neighborhoods split on school referendum


The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 new school referendum drew strong support in some neighborhoods, but was soundly rejected in others.

Precinct-level vote results released by the County Clerk’s office today show that the referendum carried only three of Evanston’s nine wards and also went down to defeat in the Skokie portion of the District.

5th Ward – 67.33% Yes

Support was strongest in the three 5th Ward precincts west of Green Bay Road that included the proposed new school site — 76 percent of voters there supporting the referendum.

However turnout in those precincts was light, at 24 percent, below the city-wide average of 31 percent.

5th Ward voters living east of Green Bay Road, who were outside the proposed attendance area for the school, rejected the referendum by a narrow margin.

2nd Ward – 52.21% Yes

In the 2nd Ward, voters in Precinct 1, adjacent to the attendance area for the proposed school, rejected the referendum, with only 41 percent voting yes.

But residents in the 2nd Ward’s more westerly four precincts, some of whom of which would have been served by the new school, supported it, with 57 percent voting yes. Turnout there was also below average with 25 percent casting ballots

8th Ward – 51.98% Yes

In the 8th Ward, voters in four of the five precincts supported the referendum, with support especially strong in the easternmost section of the ward. But voters in Precinct 4, which includes much of the Oakton Historic District, rejected it.

1st Ward – 49.85% Yes

In the 1st Ward voters in the three precincts that include portions of downtown supported the referendum by a 52.6 percent margin, while voters in Precint 3, which is centered on Orrington Avenue north of downtown, rejected it, with only 43.5 percent voting yes.

Turnout in the pre-referendum precincts was low, at 21 percent, while turnout in the anti-referendum precinct was much higher, at 37 percent.

9th Ward – 49.11% Yes

In the 9th Ward voters in Precinct 1 at the east edge of the ward and in Precinct 2 at the west edge backed the referendum with almost 56 percent voting yes, but voters in the other four precincts rejected it.

3rd Ward – 47.19% Yes

In the 3rd Ward voters in precincts 3, 5 and 6, areas with large numbers of apartments in the southeast corner of the ward, supported the referendum with on average a 54% yes vote. But in the other three precincts, on average only 41 percent voted for the referendum.

4th Ward – 44.68% Yes

In the 4th Ward, voters in precincts 3 and 7, the ones closest to downtown, supported the referendum with 54 percent voting yes. But in the other five precincts only 41 percent supported the referendum.

Skokie – 43.34% Yes

Two of the eight Skokie precincts in the district supported the refendum, but their votes were overwhelmed by the precincts that rejected it.

7th Ward – 36.27% Yes

In the 7th Ward the referendum only carried in the two Northwestern University campus precincts, where a total of 8 votes were cast. It went down to defeat by a larger margin in the rest of the ward.

6th Ward – 34.37% Yes

In the 6th Ward the referendum failed to carry a single precinct, coming close only in Precinct 6 on the Skokie border where 45.8 percent voted for it.

Both the 6th and 7th Wards are the sites of schools that would have been likely to lose low income students to the new 5th Ward school if the referendum had been approved.

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