Neighbors fence out neighbors at Ryan Field lot

Evanston aldermen Monday night sided with demands from neighbors closest to Ryan Field who want no breaks in a planned fence along the west edge of the stadium parking lot.

They rejected requests from residents to the west of Green Bay Road to keep access to the stadium across the parking lot open at Livingston Street.

The residents to the west of Green Bay said the current arrangement gives them a shorter and quieter route to the stadium than having to join game-day crowds on Central Street.

But most of neighbors closest to the field — especially those near the intersection of Eastwood and Livingston who addressed aldermen at the meeting — said they didn't want to have to deal with the crowds of people who would use Livingston as a shortcut — especially after similar informal crossing at Jenks and Chancellor streets are closed off by the fence.

The plan approved by the City Council gives Northwestern University the go-ahead to repave the stadium parking lot and make a variety of improvements to its lighting and landscaping.

The university had agreed to demands from the close-by neighbors for the fence and to pick up the cost of paving the alley that separates the lot from adjoining homes.

Apparently no analysis of pedestrian traffic counts has been done to determine the likely impact of blocking the side-street crossings on game day traffic along Central Street.

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