Neighbors concerned about the operation of the Veolia Environmental Services waste transfer station on Church Street plan to meet with city officials this evening.

The meeting is being held at Strange Lofts, the building just west of the transfer station, at 7 p.m.

(The entrance to the building, at 1711 Darrow #4, is off the alley north of Church Street.)

The City Council Monday introduced an ordinance to impose a $2 per ton fee on garbage brought to the transfer station, and a company spokesman has criticized the charge as excessive and unfair. The fee is designed to recover some of the extra costs of maintaining local streets that suffer added wear and tear from the heavy trucks hauling material to and from the transfer station.

Veolia and previous owners have operated the plant for decades under a state environmental protection agency permit.

Alderman Delores Holmes and City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz are scheduled to attend the meeting.

Residents with questions can call Muffy McAuley at 847-475-5120 for more information.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Buyer Beware

    "Veolia and previous owners have operated the plant for decades under a state environmental protection agency permit".  So let me guess, those that purchased their 300K+ townhomes that back up to the Veolia station in the last 2 years are crying the loudest? Typical Evanstonians. Just like those who buy a home around Ryan field and then complain about the noise and crowds. Veolia was there long before they built those overpriced townhomes. You can’t tell me the buyers didn’t notice the stink and truck traffic when they went by with their realtors. I have zero sympathy for them.

  2. Evanston is harassing transfer station owner

    Isn’t it interesting that Evanston recently purchased two properties that did not sell on the open market right across the street from the Veolia Environmental Services waste transfer station.

    Evanston purchased these properties for hundreds of  thousand dollars and yet has no plan on what to do with them. That money could have been used to keep the branch libraries open.

    The Veolia Environmental Services waste transfer station has been in operation for decades and all of the sudden the city decides to impose a fee against it?

    I agree with the above post that those who bought into the Churct Street Village townhomes have absolutely no right to complain. The transfer station next door was fully operational when those townhomes were built and sold.

    BTW-Muffy McCauley, owner of Renaissance Realty who built rental lofts adjacent to the transfer station most likely with the help of TIF funds, also has no right to complain. 

    This episode between the city, neighbors and the transfer station owner smacks of business harassment.

    Unions get preferential treatment from Evanston leaders but lookout if you own a business or rental property in Evanston. There’s a target on your back.

    That’s the progressive way.

    It appears there’s a movement to turn the area into an arts district and it seems the waste transfer station doesn’t fit into the plan.

    If Evanston is not careful, the city might have another lawsuit on its hands.

    Afterall, lawsuits seem to work, considering how the Evanston Fire Union sued the city this year for laying off three firefighters. The city negotiated a settlement with the Fire Union where the firefighters kept their jobs and a third party arbitrator would decide if the city could layoff any firefighters in the future.

    Now that’s one heck of a bargain…for the Evanston Fire Union, who has given campaign donations to everyone on the Council, including the mayor.

    See how that works?

  3. Buyer Beware

    The issue is not who is entitled or not entitled to complain. The real issue is, is a garbage transfer station an approprite land use abutting a residential neighborhood. My guess is that whenever the permit was issued, the adjacement neighborhood was relatively disenfranchised.

    Do you really think that the garbage transfer station could have been granted a permit to operate  in NW or NE Evanston?

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