New city logo ideas — what do you think?


Evanston's logo is in the shop for a possible redesign — and here's a chance to say what you think of the preliminary ideas for a new design that a city committee will discuss Wednesday night.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says that rather than putting the old logo back on city vehicles after switching last year to a special design marking the city's now-concluded sesquicentennial celebration, he'd like to consider switching to an updated version.

The city's art design coordinator, Lisa Frye, working with Alderman Mark Tendam, a graphic designer, came up with four initial renderings that the Economic Development Committee will be considering Wednesday night.

Take a look at the designs, and cast your vote for the one you like best.

The current city logo.

Redesign proposal #1.

Redesign proposal #2.

Redesign proposal #3.

Redesign proposal #4.

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