New consignment shop opens downtown

Evanston’s newest consignment shop aims to give customers a “helping hand” during difficult economic times.

Stepping Out on Faith Consignment Shop, 1632 Orrington Ave., opened on Oct. 14, owner Vivian Killebrew told the Daily Northwestern.

“I’ve got clothes that are slightly worn, and I’ve got a bunch of new clothes,” said Killebrew, who is an Evanston resident. “It’s all about getting a good deal and helping someone out — we all need a helping hand sometimes.”

As a consignment store, Stepping Out on Faith accepts clothes in good condition from donors, which are then re-sold at prices as low as $5, she said. If an item is not sold after 30 days, the item’s price is reduced by 10 percent. After 60 and 90 days, the item is reduced another 10 percent respectively. After three months, donors can come back to the store to reclaim their old clothes, or they can leave them with Killebrew, who will then donate them to charity.

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