For the first time in a long time, Evanston has a new gas station this morning.

For the first time in a long time, Evanston has a new gas station this morning.

City officials gathered at the station, at 2494 Oakton St. across from the Home Depot shopping center, for a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday evening at which station owner Minhaz Lakhani made $2,500 donations to the fire and police pension funds.

The station features a convenience store and will soon also include Dunkin Donuts and Subway shops. Also opening soon in the complex are a Goodyear auto repair shop and a carwash.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. New Gas Station Opens
    Do we really need a Shell gas station two blocks east of the new one? Not to mention there is a Shell on Howard & McCormick just a few blocks away. What were they thinking? Oh thats right they weren’t!

  2. New Gas Station
    I must admit I was excited to have a gas station/car wash on my daily work route… until I tried it today. I was overcharged at the pump and not even offered the car wash that I stopped at this particular station for. When I went inside to resolve the problem, insanity ensued. The clerk explained that he mistakenly turned on the pump for another customer – who apparently paid for my gas??? – yet I was standing there with a receipt. After a long protracted conversation (that included several swipes of my credit card) with the clerk, owner, and the other affected customer, we (the other customer and I) both walked away extremely dissatisfied.

    I will not be surprised to find double billing on my credit card once I can access the statement. The customer service here is AWFUL. I hope there are enough people who want to patronize this new Evanston business because I will NOT be back! There are lovely proprietors at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Dempster and Dodge and a gas station/car wash on Howard and McCormick.

  3. Not going well at Shell
    I stopped at this station about 10 days ago. Saw the Subway sign on the building and figured that we’d get gas then pick up sandwiches.

    Well, when I walked into the building (after paying for my gas at the pump), I learned that Subway wasn’t open yet. So why the sign outside when there’s no Subway inside? It’s disappointing when the kids want Subway and you haul all of them out of the car only to find that there’s no Subway there.

    Yesterday, my husband filled up his tank and paid for a car wash. But the car wash wasn’t working and the people working at the counter knew that it wasn’t working. They told him to come back later. When he returned, it still wasn’t working.

    Based on our experience, they are off to a very slow start. Hopefully, they will pull it together soon or the opportunity will be lost as first impressions mean a lot.

  4. Based on my recent
    Based on my recent experiences at this particular gas station, I will never be going back there again FOR SURE. I was over charged for the gasoline I purchased for my car. The car wash was not functioning properly and customer service was extremely poor. The owner or one of the employees treated very rudely. I decided to purchase some coffee and donuts from the Dunkin Donuts store there, and the service was so slow, that I ended up late for work almost 20 minutes!!! Never again will I go there. I’ll stick with the Marathon gas station on Howard.

  5. Car Wash scam at this gas station
    My husband went to this Shell on Oakton and McCormick in Evanston to purchase gas and a $6.00 car wash on April 27, 2010. He decided to use the car wash coupon for our other car so he went back there this afternoon of May 6, 2010. When he got there, he gave the receipt to the attendant and when he punched in the code, it would not work. The attendant punched in the code again and it still did not work. He was asked to reverse our car out of the car wash. He went in to talk to the manager and the manager said that the coupon had expired and that the date of this was November 25, 2009. He admitted it was their car wash coupon but he said their was nothing he could do. My husband told him that we weren’t here on November 2009 because they did not even open until January 2010. We were here the first time on April 27, 2010 for the first and last time. The manager yelled at him and told him he was going to call the police on him. The manager was very rude and he did not want to give my husband a refund even though he, himself admitted it was their coupon. We will never go there again. Service and attitude was very bad.

    1. Shell station at Oakton & McCormick

      After reading the comments about this Shell Station on EvanstonNow ( and other websites, which are not as open to free enquiry ) , I decided to conduct my own Enquiry , so that readers of EvanstonNow can get an unbiased report from a fair and balanced source of news and opinion (moi).

      I went down to fill my tank, and got a carwash too.  The gas station was nice and clean, I had no problems with the car wash experience.  The Whomobile is now clean and shiny, and has a full tank of gas.

      They do have a man with a towel at the exit of the car wash, who finishes up the drying of your car.  He was quick, did a good job, and was very courteous.  Some people like having this extra touch, but of course a tip is expected  so mean NIMBY cheapskates should go elsewhere.

      This really is probably the nicest gas station and nicest car wash in the entire Greater Evanston-Skokie-Wilmette Metropolitan Area.  I used to go to the car-wash at Golf & Waukegan, and was considering going to the one in downtown Wilmette  – but I think that I will go here from now on.

      Why is anyone complaining about this station?

  6. Love the new Shell!
    Amid all of the badmouthing of the new Shell, I’d like to speak for myself and many of my neighbors that this clean modern facility has been very well received. So there was an issue with car wash coupons, huh? Now they’re offering a free express wash with a fill-up. How’s that? This is the ONLY gas station in Evanston that isn’t a dump, so I’m happy to drive past a Valero and another Shell to spend my money here instead of at BP or Marathon in Skokie. Great job to all who brought this place to town!

  7. Is the Subway sandwich place open yet?

    I’ve gone to this gas station twice since it opened, drawn by the Subway sandwich sign.  But no sandwiches for sale either time.

    The first time, it was a few days after the gas station opened.  But the Subway counter was dark.  We asked the person at the gas station counter about Subway and got an unfriendly "not open yet."  We asked if he knew when the Subway counter would be open and we did not get any response — he just ignored us, even though there were no other customers around.

    The next time that I tried (more than three months later), a man was working behind the Subway counter.  He looked at us (group of four) as we approached then put his head down and kept working.  We had to say "excuse me" three times to ask whether they were selling sandwiches yet because the counter was empty.  All we got was a "no".

    So I don’t know if the Subway place is open yet.  I’ll drive over again once it’s open but I hope that the people working inside the building are a bit more pleasant and approachable in the future.

  8. Will never go back to this Shell

    HORRIBLE customer service.  I went to the car wash at this gas station today.  I paid for my wash with cash and proceeded to go through the wash.  My car ended up falling off the track and I got stuck in the car wash.  I honked my horn and no one came.  I had to get out of the car and walk through the car wash to the gas station to get some help becasue the was NO attendant on duty!  I get in the car wash to tell them the situtation and after the two employees looked at each other confused, one came out to help.  He seemed very unsure about how to get the car out.  He told me to get in and drive the car out.  So I did that.  Once the car was out I asked for my money back.  He immediately said no.  According to them this was my fault and the only way I would be able to get my money back is if I produced a receipt.  There was no receipt, it DID NOT print out.  The car wash was $8 that's all I was asking for.  They made me feel like they thought I was trying to get over on the car wash.  The owner happened to be there.  VERY RUDE!  I told him the situtation and he says I need the receipt.  I explain that a receipt did not print out.  He tells me my only option is to get the free car wash.  Why would I go back through the car wash that I was just stuck in?  He said "well I guess you need to call the police."  Really?  This is how you handle a customer.  What happened to customer satisfaction?  To top it off they started to say that I could go through the car wash without having paid;  meaning I would have drove my car through the car wash just for fun and the soap and water magically appeared on my car.  I couldn't believe it!  It's not so much about the $8, more so about the principal and the fact that you treat customers in this way.  There was no apology, nothing.  I felt totally disrespected and I feel like I was ripped off.  I will NEVER go to this gas station again and it is my hope that the owner gets put out of business.  I don't understand how he runs a business being such a jerk.  Oh and they are not listed in the yellow pages as a Shell they are A & D foods.

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