‘Age Friendly Evanston’ task force meeting

Mayor Tisdahl has established a nine (9) member task force with a mandate to develop an Age Friendly Initiative, to include formulating a three-year city-wide action plan for implementation.   Mayor Tisdahl requested the Commission on Aging to appoint 4 representatives, the Mental Health Board to appoint one representative and the Human Relations Commission to appoint one representative to the task force. The remaining three were appointed from the Evanston community at-large.  Each member will serve without compensation for one five-year term.

The "Age Friendly Evanston!" Task Force:

1. Chairperson, Susan Cherco
2. Transportation, Helen Gagel
3. Social Participation, Jo-Ann Cromer
4. Respect & Social Inclusion, Dorothy Strong, Commission on Aging Representative
5. Housing, Wayne Heimbach, Commission on Aging Representative
6. Outdoor Spaces & Buildings, Susan Canter, Commission on Aging Representative
7. Communication & Information, Martha Holmes, Commission on Aging Representative
8. Community & Health Services, John Barfield, Mental Health Board Representative
9. Civic Participation & Employment, Isidro Lucas, Human Relations Commission Representative

The "Age Friendly Evanston!" task force will make recommendations to Mayor Tisdahl and the City Council on the creation and implementation of an action plan based on the objectives of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Age Friendly Communities Program. This program is an international effort to help prepare for a global demographic trend:  the rapid aging of populations. 

To create the action plan, the task force will oversee community outreach and data collection efforts, review results and develop recommendations to be included in the action plan.

The Age Friendly Evanston! Task Force meetings will be held at the Levy Senior Center on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. 

Meeting dates in 2014
o Jan 28, 2014
o Feb 25, 2014
o Mar 25, 2014
o Apr 22, 2014
o May 27, 2014
o Jun 24, 2014
o July 22, 2014
o No August meeting
o Sept 23, 2014
o Oct 28, 2014
o Nov 25, 2014
o Dec 23, 2014

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