Art Ecounter Marks 38 Years of Innovative Art OUtreach with a Groundbreaking Gala


Art Impacts: Honring the Legacy of Printworks, Art Encounter’s gala will honor the legacy of Bob Hiebert and the late Sid Block at this year’s annual gala slated for April 30th, 2:30 – 5:30 at Oavation, an event space at 2324 W. Fulton St., Chicago.

Bob Hiebert and hte late Sic Block developed a venerable reputation in the art worls running Printowkrs Gallery over the last 36 years.  Their ambitiously themed group shows, vision and dedication to works on paper has inspired and motivated a generation of artists.

Over 30 artist have given back to Sid and Bob through donations of their prized work for the Art Encounter auction.  Evanston artists such as Joanna Pinsky, Didier Nolet and Jill King as well as renowned artists Hebry Brantley, Barbara Crane, Tony Fitzpatrick, WIfredo Lam and Richard Hunt are all supporting the Art Encounter mission.  The high ceilings and natural light at Ovation is the ideal backdrop for the priceless artwork in the auction.  The acoustics lend themselves to the swinging sounds of the Roosevelt Jazz Ensemble.  Culinary light bites from LM Catering will delight everyone’s palate, washed down with fine wine and spirits.

Art Encounter Education and Community Outreach programs are the heart of the Evanston organization’s mission.  We empower people of diverse ages and background through interactive programs that nurture an appreciation of contemporary visual art.  In 2016 Art Encounter served 28 classroms in 9 shcools and senior programs in Evanston and metropolitan Chicago.  Our signature approach of discussing original artworks embraces individual preceptions and celebrates multiple prespectives, while our hands-on workshops build confidence and a deeper understanding of the artistic process.

Many generous sponsors have stepped up to help fund our outreach programs including Evanston based First Bank and Trust and MS Group Dreamtown Realty.

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