Blessing of the Bicycles

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will host its Blessing of the Bicycles on Sunday, May 1, during the 10 a.m. service.

The church invites cyclists to join St. Luke's main Sunday service for this special annual event. All cyclists are welcome, whether the cyclist is a youngster on a tricycle, all the way up to retirees who are now spending more time on two wheels!   

Cyclists’ bikes will occupy an honored space at the Nave’s front and during the service cyclists will receive a blessing for many, many more miles of safe travel. Following the service, cyclists and non-cyclists alike can enjoy refreshments and fellowship.

This is a special year as St. Luke’s completed work in November on its beautiful large Nave which once served as the cathedral of the Episcopal diocese of Chicago. This is the first Blessing of the Bicycles in our reclaimed Nave.      

The church is 939 Hinman Ave. in Evanston.

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