Chinese New Year salute

The Pearl Society salutes the Chinese New Year at its upcoming March 6 meeting, Thursday, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The Chinese Dragon is depicted in pursuit of both pearls and jade, stepping stones to eternal life and wealth. At this March meeting our guest speaker, Scottie Perry, will discuss the many aspects of Jade. According to artist & Pearl Society founder, Eve Alfillé, Ms. Perry’s many years living in Asia have made her highly cognizant of jade’s major role in these cultures. Scottie served as docent in Asian museums, and has traveled extensively and amassed knowledge that is not otherwise familiar to westerners. This lively session is interactive, fun & not to be missed!

Join the Pearl Society Meeting for this unusual presentation and become familiar with Jade’s multiple aspects. Bring your Jade jewelry for perusal & discussion.

RSVP: 847-869-7920 or e-mail Eve at contact@evejewelry.com.  Refreshments will be served

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