Course planning assistance for ETHS parents

ETHS Parents Engaged will host a meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, on course planning for parents of freshman, sophomores and juniors, providing parents the information they need to help their students make good course choices for the next school year.

There will be a range of departments and counseling staff available to answer both general and specific questions.

The meeting will begin with a review of the course selection process, followed by a Q&A panel, where parents may ask general questions about courses (What is the difference between the sophomore combined humanities course and the separate sophomore English and world history classes? My son was recommended for Regular English, but I think he can handle Honors, who should I talk to?) and how different options might affect post-secondary choices (Do colleges really require four years of a foreign language?)

The Q&A panel will be followed by an opportunity for parents to talk to staff one-on-one about their own student’s options.  Experienced parents will also be present to answer questions.

The meeting will be held in the ETHS Welcome Center, E112.

ETHS Parents Engaged fosters communication for the well-being of all ETHS students.

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