Evanston garden walk returns for 28th year


Please join us Sunday, June 25, 2017, noon to 5, rain or shine, for Evanston’s 28th Annual Garden Walk–one of our most popular outdoor summer events–as we showcase eight private gardens, plus a hidden residential pond habitat nestled within a condominium community.

A preview of the eight private gardens includes these four:

After extensive remodeling, this close-to-the-lake home required a new, “from the ground up” backyard garden. How to create a quiet, urban oasis filled with fouur-season, low-maintenance plantings as a setting for the owners’ sculpture, AND be dog-friendly?

A formal Europen front garden filled with topiaries, stonework, and large, colorful containers is styled perfectly to complement the recent impeccable home renovation. Backyard private garden rooms offer a peaceful retreat or a dream space for entertaining.

“I am looking forward to the start of the season, as always. Nothing like five yards of leaf compost dumped on my drive to remid me it’s time to get to work and have some fun!” For almost 35 years, this owner has overseen the evolution of a boarded-up home and abandoned garden morph into a recreational space filled with swing sets and sand boxes; then into an adult garden filled with perennials, veggies, vines, specimen planting, and personal mementos.

A front garden purposefully and bountifully planted au naturel. Grasses and perennials were chosen specifically to attract birds, bees, and insects–all pollinators that benefit from the seeds, pollen, and nectar available to them as food, but also aid in cross-pollination and continue the reproduction cycle of plants.

Proceeds benefit the educational programs of the Evanston Environmental Association. Tickets are availble at the Evanston Ecology Center or online (as of May 1) at evanstonenvironment.org. Tickets range from $20 for EEA members to $25 for nonmembers and $30 for everyone the day of the Walk. Groups of six or more are $20 each.


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