Evanston Teens host a Charity Concert for the ACLU

Evanston teens Tess Dinerstein, Gaby Godinez, Ben Ballmer, Marta Bady, Triana Callam, Sidney Chukas, Caro Granner, Howard Godfrey, Olivia Nicholson and Jane Torma will present a Happy Hanukkah Christmas Charity Concert for the benefit of the  ACLU of Illinois at 8pm on Monday December 19 at the Skokie Theatre, 7924 Lincoln Avenue in downtown Skokie.

The concert will feature Christmas songs written by Jewish composers.  Questions and reservations at hhchristmasconcert@gmail.com. Suggested donation is $10 cash or check to ACLU at the door.  ACLU of Illinois Staff will be there.

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