Evanston’s 26th annual Garden Walk

The 26th annual Evanston Garden Walk will be held from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 28, showcasing eight stunning private gardens plus a public school garden that has been designated a Schoolyard Habitat Site by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The private gardens offer a blend of European elegance and American ingenuity, whether close to the lake or nestled on less-traveled side streets.They all reflect the owners' plant passions and a thoughtful sensitivity to the architecture of the homes.

With the monarch butterfly in critical decline, the school garden's butterfly haven is inspiration for home gardeners who seek recommended plants for food, shelter, and nectar to help these butterflies sustain their annual migration.

Gardens are accessible by car or bike, with maps available for both. 

Ticket information will be available online starting April 1.




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