Family Action Network comes to Evanston

Family Action Network (FAN) has been bringing nationally recognized leaders in education and social emotional learning to New Trier Township for over 30 years and is now expanding to Evanston.  D202 and D65 recently became annual sponsors and FAN has scheduled two speakers for Evanston this school year.  Their goal is to connect, educate and inspire parents, educators and professionals.

Lonnie Stonitsch, Program Chair for FAN, will attend the ETHS Parents Engaged meeting, Tuesday, March 4, 7:00 p.m., ETHS room W124, to share her passion for FAN and vision for the Evanston community. She is eager to learn more about the Evanston schools, the Evanston community and what parents, teachers and administrators want for future programming.  Bring your ideas.

The FAN presentations can help create community and provide a shared language to connect schools and parents. Last year, there were over 9,000 attendees at FAN presentations at New Trier.

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