The upcoming production at The Actors Gymnasium features the meeting of the minds between Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi, of The Actors Gymnasium, and David Catlin, Lookingglass member behind "Moby Dick". 

"Marnie & Phil: A Circus Love Letter" tells the story of two circus professionals who met as students and took separate paths- promising to write one another. Though life twists and turns, the two reunite as aging performers in order to do one last performance- their duo debut.

An original work of circus theatre, "Marnie & Phil" is written and directed by Chris Mathews of The House Theatre and features a cast of Lookingglass and The Actors Gymnasium performers.

The production will feature original songs by Lindset Noel Whiting and music by Kevin O'Donnell.

"Marnie & Phil: A Circus Love Letter" runs February 13 through March 20 with four performances a weekend. Interested patrons can buy tickets at www.actorsgymnasium.org/shows