Music on Madison: Orlando’s dream

Orlando's Dream: A Consort of Clarinets

We'll never know whether Orlando Gibbons was dreaming of clarinets when he composed his miraculous Fantasias for viols in the early 1600s. The clarinet, invented in the 18th Century,  didn't exist yet! Yet an ensemble of clarinets sounds remarkably good playing the delightful, mysterious consort music of the 16th & 17th centuries.
Orlando's Dream presents a feast of music by Gibbons, John Jenkins, Thomas Lupo, Matthew Locke, Henry Purcell, with special appetizers and desserts by J. S. Bach and Scott Joplin.

Artists:  Jeff Kimmel – bass clarinet, Don Jacobs – clarinet, Kurt Bjorling, basset-horn and E-flat clarinet

$15 general admission

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