Evanston-based Rainbows for All Children has a new site in Evanston at Unity on the North Shore at 3434 Central St. near Gross Point Road.

Rainbows is a secular, international, non-profit organization dedicated to helping children 3-18 years old successfully navigate the grieving process following the loss of a family member as a result of death, divorce, incarceration, military deployment, or any other life-altering event.

Rainbows meetings will be held in Unity's “Soul School” area, a safe, inviting space for nurturing children of all ages. Any child or teen who has experienced a loss and would benefit from this type of support group is welcome to attend.

“Grief and loss are tough for anyone, but can be particularly difficult to maneuver through as a child. Thankfully, Rainbows for All Children has developed amazing resources to help kids and teens cope during difficult times,” says the Rev. Kurt Condra, the facilitator of the new Rainbows site at Unity. “Group members will find comfort and reassurance. Just as important, they will learn healthy ways to deal with change that will serve them throughout their lives. We are excited to begin hosting a Rainbows group at Unity on the North Shore."

Rainbows' programs are for all children from all economic, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and are free for all participants. The group says over 83 percent of children living in the United States will experience one or more of these traumatic events at some point during their childhood. More information about Rainbows for All Children is available online.