Citizens to Re-elect Rodney Greene for City Clerk will hold a campaign kickoff event at Roycemore School, 1200 Davis St. from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29.

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  1. It’s Time For Greene To Retire

    Clerk Greene is a nice man, but he’s made some very big mistakes recently. The confustion with the filing deadlines and then his wife objecting against his opponent was appaling.

    1. It’s time for Clerk Greene to retire

      Before you make any comments about issues you don’t understand make sure you have all of the facts surrounding any controversy. If you want to hear the other side of the story you are welcomed to attend my Kickoff this Sunday.

  2. Experience & Hard Work = Excellence
    I support Rodney Greene because he has worked very hard for the city for many years, and his experience in the position and knowledge of city govt simply can’t be replaced. My child, a former student of Mrs. Greene, noted that “everyone” knows that turning in homework late in Mrs. Greene’s class is completely unacceptable, so it isn’t surprising that she was appalled by Mr. Greene’s opponent’s tardiness in completing forms. Mrs. Greene has nurtured and educated thousands of young people in the importance of hard work and holding themselves to very high standards. She is old-school, strict, demanding, and tough. And much respected, appreciated and loved by her students, who achieve at far higher levels than they do in other classes. The Greenes are fine people and outstanding citizens, and I appreciate all of the service they’ve given to the people of Evanston.

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