Shorefront Legacy Center celebrates American Archives Month

Shorefront Legacy Center founder Dino Robinson will discuss the history and mission of the center, established to document and preserve black history on Chicago's North Shore on Thursday, Oct. 8, and Saturday, Oct. 10 at the center in Evanston.

More information about the Oct. 8, and Oct. 10 events at Shorefront, 2214 Ridge Ave. Visitors will learn about interesting discoveries in the archives and see examples from the archives illustrating the stories behind the center's work, which involves engaging the community, collecting family and institutional artifacts, and how they were processed.

Shorefront collects, preserves, and educates people about Black history on Chicago's suburban North Shore. Covering seven suburban communities, Shorefront has created a permanent archive that documents over 150 years of local black history.

This event is part of Chicago Open Archives: Collecting and Connecting a celebration of American Archives Month sponsored by Chicago Area Archivists.  Since 1982, the Chicago Area Archivists has worked to provide opportunities for local archivists, historians, librarians and others in the Chicago metro area to meet together for discussion, social interaction, and education.  The group's members archivists, librarians, and records managers in academic, corporate, governmental, institutional, library and museum settings.

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