Streets Alive! and Evanston Green Living Festival


Evanston Streets Alive is an annual innovative, green open streets festival on Main Street from Robert Crown Park to Chicago Avenue. It features free activities for all ages including a green market, exercise classes, music and art, food, alternative energy exhibitions, and more! 

The Evanston Green Living Festival is an annual community event featured as part of Streets Alive and organized by the Evanston Environmental Association (EEA), Citizens’ Greener Evanston (CGE) and the City of Evanston. The Green Living Festival is presented each year to provide a venue where organizations can present their products, services, and ideas to encourage attendees to lead more sustainable lives.

Streets Alive is a Pro-Walk, Pro-Bike, Pro-Place initiative of Citizen’s Greener Evanston. For more information, visit the Streets Alive or Evanston Green Fest webpages. 

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