The Odd Couple by Neil Simon


After their thoroughly fed up wives throw them out, slovely sportswriter Oscar Madison (Paavo Mueller, Chicago) and uptight neat freak Felix Ungar (Eric Edstrom, Chicago) decide to move in together, thinking they’ll save on expenses and have a few laughs. It turns out the laughs are on them.

This peculiar pair, two of Neil Simon’s most beloved theatrical creations, with decidedly different approaches to life, to love, and domestic duties, continues to amuse and delight. The Pigeon sisters Gwendolyn (Oliva Pastor, Evanston) and Cecily ( Maggie Wren, Chicago) add to the hilarity and high-jinks that has been entertaining audiences for 50 years. Laughs are guaranteed from start to finish.

Set design for this iconic production is by Ruth Hass, light and sound design is by Marissa           Gericaras Annie Guter is costume designer. Eileen Hand, Artistic Director of Thin Ice Ensemble, comments that this play is one of Neil Simon’s best and most loved plays.

This play asks the question, “Can two divorced men share an apartment when they are as different as night and day?” We are excited to present this play this year as we celebrate the talent of a truly great American playwright after losing Neil Simon last year. Long may his plays continue to make us laugh!

Presented by the Thin Ice Ensemble Theater

Devonshire Playhouse, 4400 Greenwood Street, Skokie

Tickets: $12-14

www.thinicetheater.org or 847-647-1500 ext 2400 or at the door

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