A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian walk into a music club…and fill the room with music and fellowship. The Salaam-Shalom Music Project, an interfaith ensemble, was started by the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band to celebrate traditional music with artists from Arabic and East Asian traditions.

Their only upcoming public concert will be at S.P.A.C.E. Evanston on Sunday, April 23 at 1:00 PM, doors opening at 12:30 PM. In this intimate setting, the audience will explore a fusion of different folk cultures in Arabic, Urdu, French, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew, as well as klezmer played on the oud and Middle Eastern folk dances played with a touch of klez. The group has performed at mosques, synagogues, seminaries and colleges, and was recently featured on WBEZ’s “Worldview.”   

“Their blend of ethnicities and spiritual backgrounds, mixed with the high caliber of their talent, was truly an amazing evening.” -Matthew Charnay, Jewish/Interfaith Life Coordinator, DePaul University

“This professional ensemble exemplifies and promotes peaceful collaboration. They all learn and all perform the folk music of both traditions. Perhaps more important than what they play is the quality and spirit with which they play it.” -Dr. David Beach, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Tickets are available at:  Reservations are strongly recommended. You can learn more about The Salaam-Shalom Music Project at: