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Daylight sweeping plan needs cleanup

City Council members Monday said they generally favor a staff plan to shift street sweeping to daytime hours, from what’s current mostly a nighttime schedule. But they split on proposals to save money by reducing how often some streets are swept and to raise fines but eliminate the towing of cars to enforce street-sweeping regulations. […]

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Solar rules shot down

Aldermen Monday told the Plan Commission’s Zoning Committee to go back to the drawing board in designing new regulations for solar collectors on homes. The aldermen agreed with complaints from the Environment Board that the proposed new rules were too restrictive — too focused on aesthetics and not enough concerned with energy efficiency. The aldermen […]

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Oops, it’s unconstitutional!

Evanston aldermen scrambled Monday to revise an affordable housing ordinance after the city’s legal staff told them the version the council passed three weeks ago would not survive a court challenge. In a rush to do something before voters cast ballots on a real estate transfer tax hike, the aldermen last month had voted to […]

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Green affection short on roots here

If you just looked at the top of the ticket, you’d think Evanston voters showed a huge swing toward the Green Party in last week’s general election. Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney drew 18.35 percent of the vote here, closing in on Republican Judy Barr Topinka’s 20.81 percent. The winner, incumbent Democrat Rod Blagojevich, […]