No deals yet with Evanston city unions


City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says Evanston has yet to reach deals on new contracts with any of its major employee unions.

At this point two years ago, in the last round of contract talks, the city had reached a settlement with AFSCME Local 1891, which represents about 400 city workers, but was embroiled in a heated dispute with the firefighters union, while a settlement with the Teamsters union representing police officers had been imposed by an arbitrator.

Bobkiewicz says the city held its first arbitration session with the firefighters union earlier this month.

Negotiations are underway with AFSCME, Bobkiewicz says, and have yet to begin with the police officers — who have switched representation in the past year from the Teamsters to the Fraternal Order of Police.

Bobkiewicz says the city has budgeted for a two percent increase in employee pay this year and that he hopes to keep contract settlements within the budgeted amount.

Two years ago the agreement with AFSCME called for no pay hike the first year and phased increases of 2 and 1 percent during the second year of the contract.

After Bobkiewicz threatened to lay off three firefighters two years ago, the union tried but failed to persuade the City Council to reverse the layoff decision and eventually agreed to a contract in line with the settlements reached with the other city unions that restored the laid-off workers jobs.

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