No primary election in Evanston

Evanston won’t have a primary election in February after all. When the filing period for next year’s election ended Monday afternoon, no more than four candidates had filed for any city office — just shy of the number required to trigger a primary.

That gives candidates for mayor and other offices two more months to campaign before they first have to face the voters.

Only four candidates for city and township offices face no opposition in the April general election.

Just before the filing deadline Simon Riberio of 510 Sheridan Road, filed petitions to challenge incumbent Melissa Wynne in the 3rd Ward.

That leaves Alderman Lionel Jean-Baptiste, 2nd Ward, Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, City Clerk Rodney Greene and Township Supervisor Patricia Vance as the only candidates running unopposed.

Long-time Township Assessor Sharon Eckersall faces a challenge from Bonnie Wilson, the president of the Democratic Party of Evanston.

Eckersall has come under fire from Evanston aldermen, who also serve as township trustees, over her decision to fire the last three of her assistants, some of whom have filed wrongful termination suits as a result — suits that the taxpayers have had to pay to defend.

Both Eckersall and Wilson are real estate agents and have passed the certification tests required of township assessors.

Challenges to the petitions filed by any candidate can be filed through next Monday. But assuming no candidates are removed from the ballot, the remainder of the contests shape up this way:

Mayor: The would-be mayors are Barnaby Dinges, Jeanne Lindwall, Stuart Opdycke and Elizabeth Tisdahl.

1st Ward: Incumbent Cheryl Wollin faces a repeat of her 2005 contest with Judy Fiske of 2319 Sherman Ave.

4th Ward: Elliott Dudnik of 1325 Main St., Howard Hartenstein of 1041 Ridge Court and Donald Wilson of 1425 Main St..

5th Ward: Incumbent Delores Holmes faces challenger Adrian Dortch of 2011 Foster St.

6th Ward: Christopher Hart of 2028 Isabella St., Mark Sloane of 2512 Hartzell St. and Mark Tendam of 2448 Lincolnwood Drive.

7th Ward: Jane Grover of 2703 Prairie Ave., Kevin O’Connor of 1227-1/2 Isabella St. and John Zbesko of 1120 Noyes St.

9th Ward: Coleen Burrus of 747 Dewey Ave., Michael Drennan of 820 Oakton Ave. and Mimi Peterson of 748 Wesley Ave.

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